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Reapercon 2016 pictures


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Before the awards while waiting for them to setup and start would be great...but then those involved with the setup would not be in it.


I would have missed it on Sat too since my daughter was up way past her bed time and had been getting a bit cranky.  Once she went up for her certificate we bailed. 

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Thanks again for all your work on putting that photo together Mocha.

It's fun seeing faces put together with forumites.

Yes, thanks Mocha! I will be referring to this just before next years con so that I remember who is who. I've got a great memory for faces, but a horrible one for names. (I blame the Navy; every one has their name displayed on at least their shirt, most of the time on their pants as well)
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Great job, Mocha!!

I'd like to my thanks as as well.



not every one is there the first day. And sushi night is during the award ceremony. So there is no 'best' day/time. I think that after the award ceremony is the closest we will get.

That's kinda what I was thinking, too. No matter what time we pick, somebody wouldn't be there.

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