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Reapercon 2016 pictures


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My kids want to go next year, but school... :unsure:

Consider it an educational field trip.
Considered an unexcused absence, and I'd not get to do anything.
There were more kids around on Saturday. There were three infants observed on the premises three days running. (Also, two service dogs... :wub: ) (@ Xherman:) But, the responsible adult unit is kinda stuck providing supervision for the attached kids.


Couples can hand-off: one does a class or a game the other watches the kids.

Note: I am a single, not a couple. ::P:
Yeah, I was aware.

I think he's making a suggestion there. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more, say no more...

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Yeah since the group photo was at the very end I am guessing I did not make it in this time. Man that would have been a crazy pic if all of us that were gone when it was taken had been there.

We wait until the end so people need to try to stick around after the auction! ::P:

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