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On 10/22/2016 at 7:07 PM, vegascat said:

It's driving me a bit batty, so I looked through all the Bones (well, the released ones) and my best guesses are one of these: Boar Demon, Deathsleet left hand, Silver Dragon left hand, Pathfinder Red Dragon, or Dracolisk.

I was the one that amputated an incomplete draconian part so you'd think it would be easy to remember...you'd think...


—It is not dracolisk. All of its left-handed appendages are touching the base.


—It is not boar demon. It's left hand is a fist and is touching the base. The hand I used was definitely a left and not a right.


—Pathfinder Red: can't rule it out from the online store pictures. (PFRD is hiding its left appendage in every shot.) The body shape does not match my (fuzzy) memory of the dragon body I nipped at the left wrist.


Silver dragon left claw is a contender. But the scales seem not quite right.


Deathsleet might be the one. It is hard to see enough detail in the online store pictures to be certain. The overall shape looks about right.


(I am glad parts ID is proving so entertaining...)


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Confirmed. Four down; two to go.


Xherman is correct there is a big section of Mashaaf's base inserted as a drop in behind the giant's legs. Here it is in one of OneBoot's pictures:




(The part nearest the bottom of the photo.)


Yay! I'm helping! :bday:



--OneBoot :D

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I *know* I've seen it someplace else, but it bothered me how awful the sculpt is.  I thought it was the Jabberwok, but those claws are longer and shaped in more of grasping motion.  I know those few models are the wrong arm, but thought maybe you'd glued it on backwards for fun. :)  I've also never owned (yet) any of the bones dragons, so I have no sense of scale (although I do own that giant).  It is pretty fun! 

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On 10/24/2016 at 12:58 AM, pcktlnt said:

Isn't that natharvaars back leg from dragons don't share?

Nope (not quite). It is Nathravaar's left foreleg! Good job pcklnt.


This view makes it clear:


The scale pattern is a match.

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So all is identified now!


Yes. And thanks, to all of you for the help finding them all. They are not exactly labeled to start with in one of these classes (giant grey plastic bin, with disassembled pieces heaped inside.)


Parts List**

74037 Base

77163 Head, Shoulders, Legs, Body

77279 (Narthrax) Wings (R/L)

77308 Elbow, Forearm, Claw (RHS)

77375 Base Terrain Insert

77381 Forearm, Wrist, Claw (LHS)


**(...for anyone that wants to try this at home)

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What do you think you could make out of all the parts you didn't use on this one?

I could make a nifty terrain piece for Frostgrave, For starters. More about which later.


...I think I attached the giant's sword to something else.


There is a really good chance other people used some of the other parts.


...Wingless Narthrax could be turned into a unique representation of Glaurung the great wingless Father-of-all-Dragons from the Silmarillion.


I mean, you're now stuck with a bunch of incomplete kits. It would be a shame to let those go to waste.

In this instance I am not stuck.


There was this big plastic tub of Bones pieces...the tub and all the pieces belonged to Reaper. And still do (at least the pieces that remained unused). Many of the other pieces had an excellent chance of being used. (This is not the only item I constructed in the class and other people were building away.)


Every Toy's Story is different. That giant might have been in there because Reaper posted his sword to someone who got a giant with a horribly bent up sword. Or they might have culled him and never packaged him because he had a bendy sword. Those wings could have been from a Narthrax that had a hopelessly deformed base. (So the pieces I used were not necessarily from complete models.)


A lot of other companies would just grind up the spare material and get what they could for it as a recycled material...but Reaper thinks sideways: :upside: "what fun / use / value could we get outta this?"


One result are these incredibly fun 'classes' where people get to build one-of-kind models. And then the people that took them go talk about what they built on the Internet and say nice things about Reaper and Bones miniatures in the process. (And that is worth at least the weight of the model in Silver, if not Gold.)


But, if somebody tried to make this at home it would be quite an investment in whole kits to get all the parts.

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On 10/22/2016 at 6:34 PM, TGP said:

Next steps are: add more rocks, pebbles, sand to the base and break out some green stuff to work on the gaps and join ups.


Progress: some grey RR ballast has been added to the base in a few places, ....pictures are in my phone.

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This is what has been happening to the base. I will put a small puddle of superglue, then I will drop larger rocks in with tweezers -or- I will load some ballast into a tiny shovel and cover the puddle. Not trying to totally cover the plastic features but definitely trying to blend-jumble them in. I work small zones at a time rather than try to do the entire base. 

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The base still could use more embellishments (I need to look around and see if I have some really fine sand).


But, I decided to take care of something else:


Those wings are attached by nothing but glue. (Shout out to Loctite® for making an excellent grade of cyanoacrylate glue though. The wings have held up well for awhile.)


Kinda wish they were pinned. 


So I thought about it for a looooong time.  And I came up with a plan to pin them without having to snap the wings off and re-glue them. 


And there the pins are, one per wing, driven all the way down into his shoulders. You can see down by his base the plasti-coated paper clips that provided the pins. 


I will need to greenstuff over the holes where the pins are. 


But at least the plan worked and other than drilling a pin hole, I avoided marring the model’s surface. 

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