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CAV writers guide?

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Does reaper have anything akin to a CAV writers guide? I just want a quick reference for fluff facts. Like are ships incommunicado between jump points? How long do jumps take? Do they vary based on distance or is it instantaneous? What about interstellar communications? Do folks experience any strange sensations (skin to sea-sickness) during a jump? What happened to the Amish?


You know, the kind of background info that's needed to fill out a story. ::D:

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I only half-jokingly asked about the Amish. It could be a blatant rip-off of Larry Niven to put them off-world, but even now they are not averse to using higher technology to enable them to make long trips. It's a fairly logical extension to see them contracting a jump-ship to move an entire community to someplace no one else wants.


I'm envisioning a mostly agricultural world suddenly beset by prospectors and pirates when tyberiunium is found to be plentiful several hundred meters below the surface. (Scans to detect it would have been ineffective in the past due to some mineral in the bedrock or unusual geomagnetic activity). Mercs are sent in by UCOR and Governments to "Protect Assets" (which aren't necessarily theirs to protect in the first place) and are maybe even brought in-system by farmers who are offering a percentage of the mining profits for the next 10 years should their homes and claims be succesfully defended.

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I like it, plus its something people in this part of Pennsylvania would understand. So space faring Amish, wishing to continue their lifestyle on another world. Actually works.


OK, I've been told to simply use whats available in the rulebooks and JoRs to get you going. the advantage to this is, you get to be a bit creative.


Jump technology, I can tell you with what we went with, since nobodies ever said anything.


The Basic Einstien Rosen Bridge concept, basically a "wormhole" taking you to a significant portion of space. not insantanuous, but a jump gate can give you a defined vector, your basically travelling an FTL freeway, and the jumpgate acts like a slingshot into this freeway.


Basically when an object with mass is moving FTL, Einstien theorized it becomes "pure energy", which is basically simular in composition to light itself. you can transmit signals with light, theoretically if you can travel FTL into a wormhole, you can transmit signals that way too.


What we go with is Starships spend a significant time accellerating to FTL speeds, without causing temporal distortions by passing large celestial objects. by the time they enter the jumpgate, they are already at light speed, and the jumpgate takes them FTL.


Distance is measured at an entirely different scale; its like a fly inside a car travelling 60 miles per hour. its travelling faster but not on its own power. Exit the jumpgate and the ship spends a significant amount of time safely decellerating.


Time inside this FTL stream depends on distance from system to system. Ships could be incomunicado, outside of the stream. not sure what sensations would be felt, possibly a state of pertification until the jump is complete.


Well, thats my story and I'm stickin' to it....

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I compiled the Writer's Guide for CAV. It's a compilation of every person, place, thing, or event in all four currently published CAV texts. However, the document is the property of Reaper, and I have been expressly told that I cannot distribute it.




There's nothing saying you can't compile your own though, the texts are out there.

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That's disappointing, Frosch. Maybe someone in the know at Reaper will take pity upon me. ^_^


Oh well. I can certainly make do without it. It's designed to be a small, self-contained conflict anyway, and doesn't need a specific date or location to work.

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That's an interesting take on it; makes space flight (and narrow escapes) more dramatic. The only thing is that the closer you get to c the greater the mass of your ship becomes, thus the more energy you need to expend to accelerrate, thus the heavier your ship becomes, and so on. Eventually you reach a point where you cannot accelerate anymore, because the energy imput needed to accelerate becomes infinite.


I like the idea of transfer points though; very Niven (see Mote in God's Eye , for a different perspective, and clearly an homage, see Startide Rising by Brin, specifically the Streaker's escape).


Of course if you're leaning more towards Space Opera drive on; me, I've been leaning towards hard SF for a few years now.



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hmmm, it justifies the use of jump gates in my view, I see it like point A to Point B is a high speed conduit. I can't see mass able to enter these jumpgates without tearing itself apart. (remember crossing from normal space into this conduit, motion is accelerated)


Its like saying, OK, if a ship can reach FTL speeds, they can enter this "slingshot" with nominal effects. So if its travelling light speed in normal space, its travelling maybe 100 times that within the "jump corridor"


Many scientists believe the light speed is the interstellar speed limit, and I believe c is just that; Light speed. In my idea, thats all thats required for a ship, the jump gates take care of the rest. To cross that threshold is to enter into another arena entirely, but hmmmm, I think we covered that with Cassini.......


But then again, Brin, Niven, Dueno, whoever, until it can actually be done, this is all speculation at best; The question concerning CAV is, what is Reaper going with?

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