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CAV Simba and Terrans to date

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Hey all,

Been a really really busy few months so not much painting has gotten done. Here is the next installment in my Terran force, the Simba. This is probably my favorite sculpt out of the original ks so I am glad to finally have him done. He is, like the rest, table top quality. C and c welcome!post-14043-0-81354500-1477023766_thumb.jpgpost-14043-0-35978200-1477023794_thumb.jpgpost-14043-0-98311300-1477023835_thumb.jpgpost-14043-0-04226100-1477023867_thumb.jpg


And a shot of the current force:


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Really like the dusty/worn look these have. Excellent highlights and color selection.

Thank you! I have been experimenting with layering, edging and dry brushing on the same minis, which I think sometimes comes off as clashing since parts look really gritty and others look so clean. In the future I will probably stick to one method per army, but I am glad you like it!

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