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Dark World Orc and 77352: Demi-Lich


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Had these Dark World minis since I was ten or so. Mostly in an attempt to outdo my cousin and his Heroquest that he never let me play... but in a cruel twist of fate none of my friends ever seemed interested in playing this one.

The board and "diorama" pieces were lost to time, and only my Orcs, Ogres and Manticore survived.

Figured I'd paint some of the Orcs, and the duration of Conan The Barbarian later, this fella happened.


(one down, seven to go)

As usual I'm going for a more "toyetic" look, so no epic shading or dry brushing to show off here.



Oh and I did this Bones Demi-lich but it's really not good. I originally wanted to use some brushing and some transluscent paint to make the whole thing crackling with malevolent energy... but it turned out ridiculously horrible so I went over again and did a clean job. Even still it's pretty bad and I've had him done for months but never posted it because I didn't want to dedicate a thread to it.



Thanks for looking!

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Glad to see you are getting back into the hobby! They look a little shiny. Might be the paints, or might be if you are using a glossy sealant. Either way, keep at it and have fun!

Might be the flash from my cheapo camera. I actually haven't sealed em. But the sword hilt, chestplate and kneepads are supposed to have a shine as I painted them in gunmetal. Maybe the green skin is shiny too... I left it in unpainted green plastic. (I was originally GOING to paint it but the Citadel paint I want to use was completely dried and unusable because Citadel's paint bottles suck compared to what they were in the mid-90s, and figured "I've had these miniatures in that color for so long, it'd feel weird to suddenly have them not even keep a single piece of that color"...)



Good job on both of them.


Remember, practice makes perfect.

Thank you!

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