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Portable Paint Station


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A carry case for up to 162 paints, miniatures, tools, which transforms into a full painting station, complete with lamp & work area.


We all have the problem of shoeboxes or other messy ways of transporting and storing our paints, and have to search for the right paint longer than it takes to paint the miniature.

When traveling and wanting to work on your miniatures, or not having a dedicated work area at home, the Portable Paint Station is the solution.

It will keep your paints, tools, miniatures & other items safe during transport, and transforms into a complete work station within minutes.

It is designed so that during transport, not even a paper clip could fall out of the box.

Your paints are always in the same spot, no matter where you are, the optional daylight LED lamp makes you independent of light conditions and you have everything you need in one easy to carry box.

This Portable Paint Station lets you work faster & concentrate on the important things. Different sizes to fit everyone’s needs.

  • holds up to 162 paints (depending on version)
  • easy to carry with hand grip or optional shoulder strap
  • space for different sized miniatures - up to 32mm / 50mm base size
  • space for tools & modeling bits
  • optional daylight lamp, brush holder, wet palette, cutting mat(s), shoulder strap & more.
  • optional expansion modules for your home
  • paints by The Army Painter

All items are precision-laser cut. Made in Germany. Production & shipping is from Germany.

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Man, that is a fancy piece of kit. I'd love to have one of those, but I'd feel like an ostentatious elf breaking that out most anywhere I paint away from home. If I was good enough to paint commission work, maybe. But for a scrub painter that usually goes for tabletop quality? I don't know.

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Those are some nice looking sets.  It's too bad the Snow Peso stacks up so miserably against the Euro.  Too pricey for me after exchange.



One piece?

It is shipped unassembled...

But multiple smashed pieces? Just because it's multi parts doesn't mean those pieces can make it safely!



Yeah.  Kit consisted of 45 pieces when it left the factory, and was 95 pieces by the time it arrived at my door.  Some ADDITIONAL assembly required . . .


The Egg

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