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Pingo paints a small pride (count) of vampires


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These are a group of vampires I am painting up for Halloween. 


They include the Reaper Bones figures 77282: Vampire and 77283: Necromancer (painted up as a vampire, because why not), and the old classic Grenadier Set 606 "Vicious Vampires", now sold by Mirliton Miniatures in Italy (I had that set when I was a child, but for some reason I only remember the swoopy-caped male and the little female; the male in the "flasher" pose I remember not at all).


The Bones figures are primed with a wash of Reaper's "Brown Liner", the Grenadier ones with a priming of Titanium White and a wash of Burnt Umber, both Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics.

post-8022-0-91022000-1477232193.jpg post-8022-0-72356200-1477232202.jpg




The Grenadier female vampire is rather uncomfortably tiny, something I dealt with (you'll see).


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I discovered that the slightest bit of warmth in vampire skin makes it look like not-a-vampire, so I am painting them up with pure black-and-white grey skin.


The beginning of skin painting always looks terrible for me, so I'm including pix so people can see how it develops and not worry.


The first thing was just a wash of pure Titanium White over the primed skin.





Then a little bit of crude shading with mixed greys.





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Next I added some reds.  This is simply Red Iron Oxide (Sometimes it's also called Mars Red.  I haven't got the bottle in front of me to check.), thinned down with water to semi-translucency. 



I painted their mouths and touched up their fangs, which at this scale are almost comically large and prominent.


I then washed some Red Iron Oxide mixed with Quinacridone Magenta to brighten it into a more blood-red.


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When I saw "a pride of vampires" I was expecting vampire lions. Vampire saber-toothed cats?


I feel you with the slightest bit of warmth not making it look like a vampire. I end up using Vampiric Skin and Vampiric Highlight all the time for my non-vampire fair-skinned maidens.

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I find blacks mixed out of colors are more interesting-looking than pure pigmented blacks. 


I started adding blacks to these figures using an almost-black mixed from Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine White.  This is my absolute favorite mixed black.  It is transparent, allowing nuances underneath to show, and with just a little mixing can easily skew more towards the blue or the brown.









I mixed a very little Titanium White into the near-black and just started a little rough highlighting of the black.










At the moment their faces are a little crude and blobby.  I had originally planned to make their eyes red and glowing, but I kind of like the black pits look they have right now. 

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When I saw "a pride of vampires" I was expecting vampire lions. Vampire saber-toothed cats?


I feel you with the slightest bit of warmth not making it look like a vampire. I end up using Vampiric Skin and Vampiric Highlight all the time for my non-vampire fair-skinned maidens.


That should be "a count of vampires."

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This is just adding shading and dimensionality to the black garments the vampires are wearing through paler and paler mixed greys.


I am planning to glaze colors over this monochrome underpainting to give the effect of blacks -- colors, because I've found they make a richer, more convincing-looking black than pure black does.


The highlights really are exaggerated here because they will be seriously smoothed out and brought down by the glazing.


This, by the way, is a classic Renaissance technique used in oil paintings, a monochrome to establish tones, followed by glazes of color.










I hadn't included side views of this guy yet, so here are some showing the shading on his great coat.


post-8022-0-86567000-1477875416.jpg post-8022-0-30580700-1477875423.jpg













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I tried to do something similar something like 20 some odd years ago and was not successful, but I was cutting a lot of corners and trying to find ways to paint faster. I think I'll revisit the technique myself once I have something I want to spend some time on.


Aheh.  "Faster" is not a way I have ever managed to paint.


Just a quick bit of a note here. 


So this was the first iteration of colors over the monochrome. 


I have a favored blue-violet mix which is a blend of Phthalocyanine Green and Quinacridone Magenta.  The green is a super-strong color, so I tend to use less of it in the mixes.  These two Christmasy colors can combine to make a whole range of blues and purples. (I call the middle blue it mixes "TARDIS blue" -- it has an obvious use)


In my first try (left) I felt the mix was a bit too blue-violet, so I toned it down -- made it both pinker with Quinacridone Magenta and a little more subdued with some Burnt Sienna, producing a color I have long thought of as "Raspberry yogurt" (it doesn't really look like yogurt until you add white, but then, boy, does it look like yogurt) (right).



The colors are a bit shiny and the flash washes them out.  I tried a picture with no flash which shows a little better how rich the colors can get with this method, although even it gives a false impression, since they really aren't quite this dramatic yet.




If it helps, the parchment paper they are standing on is roughly the shade of an unbleached brown paper bag.

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