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Got a demo game at ReaperCon


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My apologies, I'm bad with names.


Thanks to whomever gave me the demo game at ReaperCon. It was a ton of fun. I bought the rules and a resin CAV while I was at ReaperCon.


I also traded in a bunch of old metal and picked up 8+ pounds of metal CAV models at the factory.


I'm not sure what I have yet but I basically grabbed 1+ of everything that had all the parts in the bin.


I played Battle tech back when it was new. I play Mech Warrior Online. Now I play CAV.


So, thanks from the bottom of my wallet. ;-)


Now where is the link to the kick-starter?



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Oh man, that probably would have been the tipping point to get me down to Reapercon last weekend.  I'm still got a few metal units that are eluding me (mostly truescale aircraft).


I grabbed a bunch of aircraft, no idea which they are but the looked really cool.


I am looking forward to my first game.



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