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I gave my nephew a LTPK for his birthday and this is what happened


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My nephew really appreciates the encouragement and would like to thank you guys. 


His house if sort of full of toys so I have to be a bit careful about minis taking up too much room.  Hopefully, we can keep it so his paints fit into the LTPK case.  I think the 160 (non goblin math) minis from Kings of War would be a problem. 


For now I think I'll take the mold lines off some more bones skellies and bring them over next time I visit.  He also has some larger plastic toy  knights, vikings that we might try.  In the mean time, I'm interested to see how the orc and knight turn out.   I also left some books with him (KoW, Bolt Action and Lion Rampant) so maybe he'll get interested in something he sees. 

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