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77066: Shaeress, Dark Elf Queen


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I know she is not painted as a DARK elf lol I play mostly elves. Second paint job, here is first ---> http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71409-77370-troll-slayer-sophie/

any advice is appreciated. My main issue I feel is eyes, however, I like the ones here much better

again poor lighting and picture taking



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Yeah your eyes look a bit better on this one because they are dark lined. Practice a bit to get the dark line smaller so there is less of a racoon look. My suggestion is Derek Schuberts eyes in the link below.


Great job on the highlights, most beginners don't get enough contrast so you don't even see any.



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I think you are coming along very well. I painted this mini last year. Assuming yours is in Bones (like mine is) the details on this mini aren't the best and I found it hard to get the details to look very nice, something about how this particular sculpt turned out in Bones I think.

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