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Feedback about ReaperCon '16


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My trade in got screwed up, I filled a packet with figures and parts I needed, left it with an order for 1 missing part to be cast, then when it didn't show up on Friday.  I returned Sunday, picked it up, but it wasn't the stuff I had selected, or the part I needed.   I was very disappointed.


This may be my last Reapercon.  They've been fun, I think the lead turn is great, but I think I'm just losing interest.  Good luck guys, still a fan.

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Since I see 2017 is going to be at the same location I figured I'd give some feedback. 2016 was my first ReaperCon, so I have no history to compare against except against other conventions I have attended. These are not in any special order, and many have probably already been mentioned. Anywhere, here it goes:

  1. Reaper Bucks - The amounts of reaper bucks my friends and I received was very inconsistent. I got the least amount, despite being the only person in my group with a VIP ticket and 3-4 more classes than the next person. Probably just a training issue. 
  2. Fabric walls - We really need something substantial for walls because several classes suffered due to next door noise. The gaming area was especially loud which made the neighboring classes really hard to follow. Also the loudspeaker announcements cut into the classes and gaming way too much. 
  3. Schedule problems - I recommend putting all events (Classes, meals, games) into a more standardized schedule. There were many times were I couldn't take a class because it overlapped 30 minutes with a game, or a game was smack dab in the middle of the evening meal. You can never be perfect, but I think we can do better. Start with everything allocated in 1 hour intervals. Don't "punish" VIPs by making them choose between a gaming event or using their VIP meal. 
  4. Tours should be added to the event list schedule so folks are aware and can plan around their schedule. 
  5. Badge - Leave a space for a personal name (or forum handle) and maybe their home town/country. 
  6. Lone wolf meet and greet event. Create a class event early Thursday, or have some specialized area of the con for folks to meet new folks. Something just to break the ice so that folks who are traveling solo can introduce themselves and maybe make a few new friends at (And through) the con. We don't want to overdo it, but 
  7. VIP tickets were a great value! I plan to get one again this year. Perhaps drive more participation by allowing early class registration?
  8. Class registration - The website software had a few bugs last year that prevented some from purchasing classes. By the time that got resolved, many classes were booked solid. Perhaps we can set a limit to # of classes elected each day? Say 3 classes per 24 hour period. This will reduce the initial land rush. 
  9. Is there any way to allow folks to cancel classes? Say when a game comes up that they want to play, or another class popped up that they want more. I didn't see any mechanisms for this last year.
  10. Better details on the class descriptions. They were generally pretty good, but a few classes ended up being a complete surprise on what the actual content would be.
  11. Have feedback forms available after each class. Both to help the instructor get feedback on the good and the bad from the class, and also for the Reapercon management to get details as well. I had a couple classes that barely lasted half of the 2 hour allotted time and a few instructors did little more than just read off a powerpoint presentation to us. 
  12. Create dedicated sections / forum threads for class discussions. Could be Q&A on what the class will include, and during the Con it can be a place to discuss the class directly. 
  13. More events for painters. Ad-hoc events like speed painting was neat. More quick filler type items would be great to see. Example: 30 minute demonstration on painting eyes. 



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