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03470: Khalatine, Evil Cultist

Lt. Coldfire

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    • By Glitterwolf
      As I mentioned earlier I'm painting the minis for the Dark Souls Board Game for a friend of youngest Vixen's boyfriend.
      This is the Dragon Slayer Ornstein ( or so I've read).
      After this I will go work on the big monsters.
      Here he is, Tabeltop Standard since it's for a board game.
      Sealed it with Army Painter Satin Antishine.

    • By Rigel
      I've been working on a Call of Cthulhu variant set in the mid-1600s, All Of Them VVitches. This provides lots of opportunity for cults and cultists! We've seen some of them hitherto. Here are a couple more votaries of the PIPER IN THE WOODS--Reaper's Dark Creeper (02886) with a Gw Skullz mask added, and 02165, Gromtar the Foul. 
      Here's Gromtar. I get a very 'Lovecraft ghoul/ Clark Ashton Smith Mordiggan cultist' vibe off the sculpt.


      Our Dark Creeper: 


      More angles:
      They've come out to meet with their colleagues, similarly robed and with horned masks. 



      But what is this they have called down? Behold! the PIPER IN THE WOODS approaches!



      Quis est iste qui venit?!
    • By Krassling
      I started my Benedikt Project. It is going to be a present for my brother Benedikt.
      I assume this guy will take me a very along time. The mini sits on my desk for s long time but Progress is slow. Maybe Posting here will get me some Motivation.
      I will try a style with stark contrasts of light and dark like some of Frazettas works.
      The mini will get a special Base but that is a long was to go.
      So lets get started.

    • By Glitterwolf
      Youngest Vixen's Boyfriend has a friend who owns the Boardgame Dark Souls.
      He asked if I would paint the minis for him.
      So here's the first batch.
      The main characters and the core troops.
      I went for Tabletop Quality.
      WIP here:
      Next up wil be the big meanies..

    • By Cranky Dog
      I barely received my last campaign pledge from Midlam that already it has something that caught my interest.
      Sisters of the Kraken Cult. The female counterparts of the previous "Onslaught of the Cult of the Kraken Lord" and "Cultists of the Kraken Lord". (I now have some regret of not getting it)

      What's also interesting is the optional add-on of fish folk.

      Brinewind is going to have some interesting neighbors.
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