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The Haminister and I have parted ways at the airport. One more flight for me. I should be home between 9 and 10pm.


 We are sad to report that shortly after Dilvish landed, he was mugged by an assailant described as "a floating ski mask, wearing a hat" and all his minis and paints were stolen... :lol:

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Made my connection in ATL: check


Arrived at PIT intact, With all luggage accounted for: check


Caught bus home, but stopped first at the comics and game shops: check, check and check.


Dinner with one of the two best sandwiches available in Pittsburgh (brisket at Murray Avenue Grill; the other being the Shipwreck burger at Wingharts) and a Stone Xocoaveza: all of the checks.


Now I'm home, but Nissiana isn't for another hour or so. Once she arrives from work, it will have been a very good day of travel.






Edit: Autocorrupt.

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Got home around 1 pm today thou I did land in Boise around 930. I don't mind the waking up at 3 am times if the flight(s) home get me back in early. Back to work tomorrow night........I think. Idiots had me working Sunday night. Co-worker stepped in for me.


Pretty smooth flying as well. Hopefully, there is a non-stop going home. I kinda like that non-stop going down this time. ::):.

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Just got home about 20 minutes ago!


(whines for the nth time about going to work straight from the hotel)


I have finally arrived back safely at home and apparently will need to spend the rest of the evening apologizing to my fuzzy kids for abandoning them forever.


Ain't that the truth!!

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