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What Audiobooks and Podcasts Are You Listening To?


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I am in search of decent things to listen to while at work and/or driving as our radio stations here are terrible. Entertainment is my primary goal with these, but my personal tastes do include academics as well.


Therefore, the intent of this thread is to gather an ongoing list of quality ideas and sources that I can use for my own benefit  :devil:


What do you listen to?

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Invisibilia (Latin for invisible things) is about the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. Co-hosted by Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin and Alix Spiegel, Invisibilia interweaves narrative storytelling with scientific research that will ultimately make you see your own life differently.


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History of Rome podcast, Ended now but if you haven't listened to it and are interested in roman history give it a try. Mike does a great job of making the topic approachable and interesting.


History of Byzantium podcast, continues on from the history of Rome podcast. Good but not as good as it's predecessor. Just like Byzantium.


China history podcast, random topics in Chinese history, interesting topic, disorganized, host has a really weird accent.


Our fake history, Very uneven. Some episodes are excellent, others not. I recommend the recent Rasputin episodes, and "did the Chinese discover america"


Welcome to Nightvale. Weird fiction, good voice work, has 5 headed dragon, better if listened to in larger chunks.


Hello from the magic tavern. Fantasy improv. funny, not safe for work or children


Revolutions, excellent overview of revolutions, has covered English civil war, American revolution, French revolution, Haitian revolution, currently doing simon bolevar and south american independence.


Lizard People. Most of this podcast is garbage. I am recommending only one episode, "the bohemian grove" because the guest gets the host to believe in a sinister owlbear/teddy bear cult. The host does not realize she has been made fun of.

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2nd the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Also, BBC's In Our Time for (usually) historical topics discussed by academics, BBC's Why Factor for a random topic of why we do X (i.e., why do wear ties?). Freakanomics and Marketplace Radio if you are interested in the economy, personal finance. The History Chicks - well researched and interesting topics of various women of history, even the ones I think I'm not interested in usually turn out fascinating.


Also have an Audible membership. I am partial to non-fiction, and WWII books have probably been the most engaging for me (and the most of my money's worth since they are typically long). I could recommend a lot of books, but I'm sure everyone has their own taste.

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The Tome Show - A podcast about D&D stuff. Pretty much just listen to the round table and the reviews.

The Monday Morning Podcast - if you like Bill Burr, Comedy and Sports, it's for you. I don't like sports much, but I still enjoy.

Talking Metal - A podcast about metal. Has some songs. Working at expanding my Rock / Metal collection. Helps.

Adam Ruins Everything - The Show, with more research. Learn about how we're being taken for a ride, in length.


I suppose I should plug my own podcast here. But you already know it exists and that with the release of Bones III stuff coming, that I guess I am due for a new one, since the fulfillment of the entirety of a Reaper kickstarter seems to be my release schedule.

Podcast of the Adept. I feel dirty.

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I only listen to "The Completely Unnecessary Podcast" with any real frequency. It is a (mostly) video game centric podcast by Pat Contri (better known as Pat the NES Punk from YouTube) and Ian Fergeson (I know I've misspelled his last name, but can't for the life of me remember how it is spelled right now). They aren't very safe for work though because of language.

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Thanks for the replies so far. I will try and look some of these up tomorrow.


I will note, that they don't necessarily have to be safe for work due to me using headphones for stuff like this, and it being audio only makes that all okay.

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The Art of Manliness Podcast. Some really nice stuff in there. Highly Recommended! 


I'll sort-of second this one. I pick and choose episodes based on the titles and only listen to ones that I think I might find interesting, and about 1 out of 3 of those falls short. And audio issues make some of the ones I do find interesting into an ordeal to listen to. It's because almost all of his interviews are done over Skype or similar, and the quality and volume of the call varies depending on the guest's microphone, the connection, how far away from the mic they are, etc. so sometimes a call is really low volume and scratchy because everything has gone bad.


As for the ones I listen to regularly, I've been working my way through the entire backlog of Tell 'em Steve-Dave(I'm almost exactly 2 years behind at this point), listening to Fatman on Batman on about a 2-month delay, and listening to both Dragon Talk and Dungeon Delves whenever I get tired of listening to TESD and FoB.


Nothing I listen to is really informative, but it's entertaining. The old episodes of Fatman on Batman have Kevin Smith talking to important people from all over Batman's history and learning about their contributions and experience working on the character, so I guess they can be considered somewhat informative, but it's still pop culture stuff. The new episodes have Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin talking about comic book geekery in general. TESD is two of the guys from Comic Book Men and one of the Impractical Jokers just talking about their week, complaining about the news, and just hanging out. It's funny to hear them talking about all sorts of stuff that's considered old news at this point in time. Dragon Talk is something that I started listening to for the old Penny Arcade and PVP Acquisitions Incorporated D&D games, which are always a good listen, but it's now stuff like behind the scenes talks with creators and talking about the state of D&D. All of the recorded Acquisitions Incorporated games and other groups' games have been split off into their own podcast, which is Dungeon Delves.

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I always listen to the Dice Tower:



and sometimes find the Ludology podcast interesting:



I also listen regularly to the Econtalk podcast:


While they always have an economic perspective, they cover a wide range of topics.


And I've also borrowed a lot of audiobooks from the local library system. Ours has an online search and reservation system and there are a large number of libraries in the local loan network.

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  • ​Manager Tools (if you're a manager/supervisor, these are excellent.  If you're not a manager, the Career Tools podcast is for you)
  • Freakanomics (an interesting look at various topics from the authors of the book)
  • Geeks of the North (the News of the North weekly casts contain timely miniature related news)
  • The D6 Generation
  • GTD Podcast (for fans of the Getting Things Done method)


Recent and Recommended Books:

  • We are Legion (We are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor: man signs up for cryogenic preservation, dies, and wakes to find himself turned into a computer program in competition to be installed into a Von Neumann probe.  Humor and style are reminiscent of Old Man's War and The Martian.
  • Dawn of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw: coming of age story set in a fantasy realm.  Twelve year old ends up at an academy for agents.
  • The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories by Ken Liu: superb short story anthology with an Asian flavor.
  • The Expanse series by James S. A. Corey
  • The Destroyermen series by Taylor Anderson



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Welcome to Nightvale!

If you like vaugly lovecraftian horror great voices and odd dessert towns this one's perfect. I'm a little behind but I've been hooked since I started listening!

The No Sleep Podcast

Short horror story collections. Nothing too frightening, but good for a thrill. I enjoy it thoroughly.

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