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Impact City Roller Derby (ex Game Salute) Kickstarter from Impact! Miniatures

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From Impact! Miniatures on Facebook


Holiday game special KickStarter coming tomorrow. All rewards will ship by December 5th.


I have a special opportunity to buy back my board game Impact City Roller Derby from Game Salute. So tomorrow I'll be running a special 2 week KickStarter to help me make new resin miniatures for the game and offer the game itself at an incredible price to backers to help me buy back my game. I will also be offering my other sports games (Passing Shot (tennis), Golf Dice and Forceball (hockey/lacrosse) at incredible prices. First 27 backers will be able to get all 4 games and the new resin miniatures for the cost of just the board game.


So stay tuned for the announcement of the project tomorrow. I am excited to get a chance to buy back the rights to my board game.



From Tom Anders (Impact! Miniatures) in facebook

Game Salute published the game for us [impact!] in 2012. As part of them paying for everything needed to publish the game they had the rights to the game. Game would not have been published without them. However now they want to stop carrying the game as part of their published offerings. So I have a choice ... I can buy the rights to the game and get all remaining copies or the remaining inventory will be burned to make space in their warehouse for new games and the game will be out of print. So no regrets ... just an opportunity.

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and here are the pretty pictures


Now Live
About this project 
In 2012 after 2 years of development and playtesting by 35 different women's flat track roller derby teams in 5 different countries, Game Salute published Impact!'s board game Impact City Roller Derby.
Now several years later, Game Salute would like to sell the rights to the game and remaining stock back to Impact!   Otherwise, the game would likely be destroyed and go out of print (this is a normal game life cycle for game publishers but we'd like to make sure this does not happen!).   Impact! would like your help to get the funds to fully purchase the rights and remaining stock of Impact City Roller Derby.
To help us do that we are creating a brand new set of resin roller derby miniatures which this KickStarter will assist us to produce.  In addition, we are offering the Impact City Roller Derby board game and our other sports games at really great prices.    We have designed this KickStarter so that we can get all the rewards shipped out as quickly as possible so that you can bid on the reward and have it by Christmas 2016.
To give you a great deal we created some great deals on everything in the KickStarter but we also have 26 sets of 4 different sports games for the low reward price of $34.   The items in the reward have a current retail value of $82 ($30 Board Game, $25 Roller Derby Minis, $12 Passing Shot, $5 Forceball and $10 Golf Dice).
The minis are 28mm scale unpainted resin miniatures.  A set will have 2 teams of 5 Roller Derby miniatures (one Jammer, one Pivot and 3 Blockers) and a Referee (as a jam counter)
The new miniatures in resin will be our Glamour and Punk teams
 You will also be able to choose from our previous created resin roller derby minis the Pro teams
Here is a great detailed playthrough of the board game: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/766820/playtesting-session-review-play-play    Thomas Grimstad who did the detailed playthrough also did a 19 minute video walk-through.  Thomas is a fan of the game and helped us develop the rules during playtesting so its not a professional video (fair warning):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-kE__pEA2U
Impact City Roller Derby currently has a 5 star rating on Amazon.com (however the copies sold there do not have any resin miniatures).
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Thank you backers ... funded and more! Some more details on the miniatures


First off thank you backers. The project funded in under one hour. I know we have done several KickStarters but that type of speed of funding is always amazing to see and was not expected! So thank you.


I've had some questions on the miniatures from people that backed the project in 2012 so wanted to make sure I list the details.

•The miniatures are shown painted so you can see the details but they will come to you unpainted (so you can paint them up in the colors of your favorite local team)

•All the miniatures in resin are one piece miniatures. Most of the metal miniatures in 2012 were two piece miniatures. We have fixed that so all the resin miniatures are now one piece.

•In the initial offering I neglected to realize that someone might want both the Punk/Glamour teams and the 2 Pro teams with their reward. I added a reward that allows you to get the board game and all 4 teams now. You can also add $20 to any reward level to get another set of roller derby minis (so you can get all 4 teams).

•How can we be sure we'll have shipping of miniatures done by December 5th when so many miniature KickStarter get delayed? Originally we had planned on creating resin Punk/Glamour teams 2 years ago. So we had new masters made and the work was going forward. We had some more important projects come up so the resin mold was delayed. So when the chance came up to buy back the rights to the board game, we were in a position to call our caster and tell him to start working. The resin molds are already finished and with funding so quickly ... castings will be poured and will be bagged up and ready for shipping by Saturday. So we will definitely be ready. The plan is to send out surveys the day after the KickStarter and plan to start shipping rewards within 2 to 3 days of the end of the KickStarter.


So we've funding ... any stretch goals?


Yes ... the funding goal of $500 let us pay to make the resin molds. Now comes the bigger goal which is covering the cost of buying back the rights to get Impact City Roller Derby back to Impact! I want to be clear that Impact! will cover any short fall on this ... but being able to cover this large expense for our small company will be the basis of the stretch goals.


So the half-way point for paying for rights and inventory is at $4000.


When we reach $4000 for Stretch Goal #1, we will add a Joan of Dark jammer mini to every backer who is getting miniatures or the board game. Joan of Dark was a jammer for the Naptown Roller Girls and she was converted into a miniature as part of the reward level for a new roller derby miniature from the 2012 KickStarter.




Thank you again backers!


Tom @ Impact!



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and from the comments


Impact! Miniatures 28-time creator 2 days ago


Apologies to anyone outside the USA trying to get the board game. This was a quick opportunity to buy back my game and so there was not time to search out fullfillment companies to offset the shipping charges outside the USA. The amount I put for postage to both Canada and everywhere else was the amounts giving to me by USPS for the weight the package will be. No one wishes more than me that it was A) less expensive or B) that I had more time on the clock to seek out a less expensive option for shipping outside the USA. Not trying to gouge anyone ... in fact the point of the KickStarter was to offer the game itself for as little as I could possibly charge for it. Unfortunately I have no control on reducing the amount charged by the USPS or I would make it less. And I completely understand if the community outside the US passes on this KickStarter as a result. For buyers in the US ... its a great deal and this project will be huge on helping me buy back the rights to Impact City Roller Derby. 

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Well, I was interested... until I realized I'd be subsidizing USPS more than anything. :(


Yeah ... VERY sorry about that.


Since this came up quickly (no warning on the offer) and needed an immediate KickStarter to help finance.   I pulled together the budget and the KickStarter in 5 hours from Monday night and until launch at 11am Tuesday.


So no planning time to search out fulfillment options for locations outside the USA.   I normally do not sell heavy products ... so I was a bit crushed when I saw the USPS rates but for this one but was nothing I knew how to do with no time on the clock to find other options.


In 2018, I have hopes of launching a KickStarter for a board game.  If I do that ... it will be after I've sourced and identified a Canadian, Australian and European distribution option to make it international shipping friendly.

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So no planning time to search out fulfillment options for locations outside the USA.   I normally do not sell heavy products ... so I was a bit crushed when I saw the USPS rates but for this one but was nothing I knew how to do with no time on the clock to find other options.


It might have been an option to run the campaign without shipping, and PayPal invoice that post-campaign. You would still have had to list the USPS estimates to begin with, but it might have given you the chance to figure out a better option for maybe a late-campaign surge in international backers. Given all the fantasy football stuff you do, I'm sure USPS rates are costing you a lot of potential there.  ::(:

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It might have been an option to run the campaign without shipping, and PayPal invoice that post-campaign. You would still have had to list the USPS estimates to begin with, but it might have given you the chance to figure out a better option for maybe a late-campaign surge in international backers. Given all the fantasy football stuff you do, I'm sure USPS rates are costing you a lot of potential there.  ::(:



@Arkady ... there was one big problem for me with this.   Part of the big sell with this project is that I'm promising to ship everything by December 5th to get them items by Christmas.   Any complication to the project could push this into a situation where that becomes difficult especially for the international buyers.   I really needed to bake in the postage so that it is collected at project end by KickStarter and I'm not having to spend time trying to check off getting postage from 150 backers.   The hours I would spend doing that are hours that I'm not spending packing up the boxes to get them shipped by December 5th.   


Also ... I really don't think there is a better option.   I've looked into less expensive methods suggested to me so far and they either have no tracking numbers (ie GlobalPost) or require me to be sending around 100 games to get the volume of freight needed to make to use the service.


When I looked at when Game Salute ran the original KickStarter for the game ... I was surprised to see .. their postage was not much less for international than mine,    So I'm honestly not sure there is a better answer.   Once you go over 12 ounces .... the international postage rates just go up very quickly.


However if anyone has a suggestion ... happy to check into it!

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