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Corporation Set. Work&Resting Area. MDF Packable Terrain.

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Take one office model, open it, extract the hotel room and the two coverage pieces. Four scenery elements compacted in a minimal space!

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About this project

What do we offer? 

09d7083d7a898532389bc60bf80b278a_originaDiorama 1

Our collection represents working areas or small futuristic laboratories for 28mm/32mm-scale wargames. Made of laser-cut MDF, unassembled and unpainted. It includes different-sized buildings, with playable interiors, small prop items as well as different coverages and walls to create corridors and bounded areas. At campaign start point, there are two buildings: the first is a stackable rectangular building as working space and the other buildings represent rooms for the smartest workers. Plus three smaller elements, the dumpster, the clean-air supplier and the vending machine.  

During campaign we'll enjoy unlocking different designs and possibilities for the pledges.

15344f7fb52a8db1549c754cd725e8d8_originaDiorama 2

What is New?

What is innovative is that it solves the great problem about scenery terrain pieces: to store it. You'll see it and you'll make a space on your shelf. After each encounter, all the gaming table can be packed into a minimal space!! fifty eight scenery elements in a single package!!

6bddd249b19163ded16f2fd41e20c94a_originaBeta Packaging

But not only the biggest pledges are interesting. The following video shows how one Office Module can also be fabulous.

Elements Review

The design handles with material thickness and geometry, in order to get a minimal packaging when stored, so each object reduces his size to be stored inside a bigger one. At the campaign starts, the biggest objects can contain more elements than the offered ones, so if campaign grows, many more objects could be stored inside the same packaging. Also, if campaign goals grow and grow, it could appear new designs larger than the initial packaging to envelop all like a Matrioshka!! 

Let's talk about the elements:  

  • Office Module: This is the campaign cornerstone!! In the future, working areas grow or close day to day. Collateral Studio has created a Modular Building System. Corporations can place it in any site when it is needed, stacked or scattered on the ground floor. It's a rectangular 210x120x55mm-sized building, and when you fold it, 110x110x60mm-sized. It contains a foldable module, a roof, four coverage walls for the roof and a stair, as well as windows, doors and skylights, all of them removables or not. If you want to stack some modules, then store the leftover roofs and coverage walls and keep only one roof and some coverage walls to cap the building.



  • Capsule Hotel Room: In order to stage a futuristic working area, we enjoyed thinking about a world where hard workers can´t return home every day. Around the factories, laboratories and offices, small places to rest will appear. This is the idea. The prismatic building is a Capsule Hotel Room 45x100x65mm-sized. Each room has a solid module with a door and a window, a roof piece and one add panel piece. There is a ladder marked on the façade to access roof.


  • Coverage Elements: Who can imagine a working area without a soda vending machine? Every Labor Union demands clean areas or unpolluted air. So, to solve this request, Collateral Studio proposes three add-ons to get a better working space. The dumpster is a 30x55x22 mm-sized prism that offers coverage to half a man's body; the clean air supplier is a 45x24x45mm-sized prism that offers total coverage to a humanoid troop in the front and back side, but not in the laterals, and vending machines are 28x28x55mm-sized prisms that provide the possiblity to cover only when the humanoid troop is standing and stuck to the machine.


  • Walls: In a Corporation, every area is not accessible to any people. In order to complete the workspace and to increase privacy, security managers delimit areas with walls of different heights. In Corporation Box sets, these walls are L-shaped and their lengths vary between 190x100x45mm and 160x65x23mm. They are decorated with engraved lines and cut holes with tabs, but you can decide whether to remove or leave the holes. So you'll get opaque walls or fences. There are nine nested walls, that can be stored inside an open office module or a square room*

.*square room'll be an add-on, but at campaign start it is a choosen item for multipass level pledges.


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