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77024 Goblins

77349 Goblin Command (2)

89002 Pathfinder Goblin Pyros

89003 Pathfinder Goblin Warriors (!!! What?!? Missed these in my search and they are awesome!  Next order... )

89004 Pathfinder Goblin Warchanter


I never really liked Goblins much, until Pathfinder.  Something about these little monsters and the reimagining with so many teeth changed my viewpoint.  So much chaos. So many pranks. So much fun.  

Cheap Bones Goblins? Sure! Sign me up!  Still in the thinking stages of this and I don't know that I'll use all of the figures from each of the boxes, but I'm thinking of doing a display piece and calling it "20 Goblins!" (which will probably only have 13 figures... because Maths).  Though now, that I write this out, I may have to go back and look at what I'm doing.  Mostly I wanted something fun to paint and took the fairly decent ones and just threw brown liner on them.  There are some mold lines that could be cleaned up.  Well... we can call these test figures and I can replace them with another $10 $20 order... ha! 

About half of these guys are going to have to go to the Vat of Boiling Doom to fix poses and / or weapons.  I also noticed that many of these are very hydrophobic... more so than some of the other Bones I have gotten.  No worries... more Liner and done.

Then started adding some skin tones last night on the Hangout.  



So yeah... still a lot of very dark figures currently, but they will begin to lighten up and rust SoonpB2B0Yjl.jpg



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Some of the goblins that aren't in Bones are nice and teethy as well.

Not sure I needed to know that... but after looking, I might add the 60014 Goblin Commando on Dog, but most of the other ones seem to be the older style and must be what Buglips calls Blue Goblins, and I'm not liking them so much.  These guys are more than enough, but I might browse through all of them just to make sure I'm not missing out on something that has to be had.


Edit: ... well, and maybe the wizard one... ok, time to stop looking!  Sheesh!

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Oho! Made a discovery looking through my storage area of minis and on one of my baking pans containing glued skaven was a Reaper blister pack with Murgmo and Baron Tervin Blackshield! Woot! Had forgotten about that!  Adding Murgmo to my stack of metal goblins that I got in on Friday!  


60993 Murgmo and Baron Tervin Blackshield (Metal)

60018 Goblin Warchanter (Metal)

60014 Goblin Commando on Dog (Metal)

60006 Goblin Warriors (4) (Metal)

60017 Goblin Pyros (4) (Metal)


So... 11 Metal Goblins... may have to convert or see if I am missing anything (not the older models like the Goblin Command or Goblins listed above.  Older sculpts that don't have the Pathfinder feeling about them).

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Less talk moar PAINT!!! :devil:

Not this month... I am cleaning Zombies for my Binge Painting starting on the 18th.  These are all still in the blister sitting in the back closet and I've got to finish out my thinking on which ones to add to this to make the "20 Goblins" set and finish out the story in my mind so that I can begin framing it.  But... Soon!

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