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Paint Binge Challenge, Nov 24- 28 2016


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Here's mine so far. Had to make a run for primer this morning, so i got started late. 








Trying for some undead/otherworldly skin tone on the purple chick. She is a gorgon, the sister of Medusa. Lots of work to be done there.  Didn't get a shot of Bonnie, but she is just about done, some highlights and eyes left. 


Will get better photos in show off later. 


Oh, i forgot, the Nova troopers are based with Corporeal Shadow, and the necklace on the cultist is done with Golden Glow and Fresh Blood. 

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Haven't put much paint on since Wednesday. Managed to finish up my 3 in process I had going Wednesday night so happy about that. Have another 8 pathfinder goblins in the queue now. Also, put milliput down on my warg bases and cut out my two Kavorgh, Orc Warboss minis and got their feet pinned. There was a slight Black Friday Sale at The War Store so I picked up a bunch of tufts and some static grass. Hoping to up my basing game. Huz had a good idea for the wargs, to do a kind of a war torn / wasteland looking base for them. So I'll probably use my crackle effect stuff to make the ground look crackle-y, then add wasteland or frozen tufts once those show up. Was thinking about a rock or two.


What do people use for rocks? I debated getting some of the army painter basing stuff but couldn't talk myself into it. Am wondering if I could just rip off a piece of cork and hope it looks enough like a small rock? Interested to hear what other people do.

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Cork is good.  So is a wad of putty. Or real rocks.  I bought a bag of "play sand" from the hardware store a decade ago and am still using it. It has lots of nice little bits in it.  In Bob Ridolfi's basing class he says he uses cheap unscented clay cat litter. It is lightweight and can be crushed by hand if you need smaller chunks, and takes glue and paint real well. 


I finished Bonnie, spent way too much time on her. The cast is not good and her face was a mess before I put paint on it. 




Egyptian lady is done, photo cropped for nudity. 




The flesh tone on the gorgon is looking better, and I added Janan to the line up:




And I finished the basecoat on a few more fish men in case I finish those. 






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Even though I've been gathered withnthe family, I still have gotten a little painting done. The lighting has been bad, so I apologize for the shots...


First up, I finished an ancient Grenadier ranger (from the WW01 boxed set, sort of), who was almost done...






Then one of his companions, a very early Grenadier elf with bow:





I tried to finish off a Heritage sorceress, but it was time for gaming, so pethaps tomorrw...



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Oh yeah I am supposed to be painting this weekend. 

Stained the plinth for the dwarfs base - I just need to glue the dwarf, add some shadows, maybe a last glaze to add some colors to the rock beyond grey. 

Finished 1 ghast.

Started a second Ghast. 


well that is something. 

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