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Paint Binge Challenge, Nov 24- 28 2016


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Finished the 5 fish men. Worked on my Secret Sophie for a while.  Primed the Spirits of Winter, Summer and Autumn, though I don't know how much paint they'll see.  Going to try and finish Legolas tomorrow, and maybe something else that already has paint on it. 

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It's beginning to look a lot like fish-men

Everywhere I go;

From the minute I got to town

And started to look around

I thought these ill-bred people's gillslits showed.

I'm beginning to hear a lot of fish-men

Right outside my door,

As I try to escape in fright

To the moonlit Innsmouth night

I can hear some more.

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Well... that was a bust... but I did learn a few things:

Painting a few hours per day is fine and can be done most days.  Painting a few hours per day several times per day leads to debilitating pain... particularly in my shoulders.  

This tells me I need to modify a few things:

1 - More daily stretching and working out.  Most likely my pectorals are too tense and my shoulders are compensating and failing under the stress.

2 - Need a new chair.  

3 - When doing prolonged attempts, set a timer to do shorter intervals with longer breaks.


All told I got skin tone on over half of the black plague zombies (some with up to three coats... ugghh...)

I also got to rearrange the living room... which was unexpected.

Downgrading the WIP to a standard one and not a Binge one...

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Yeah, it's something you want to be in shape for. Sitting in the same position for hours can be a real strain on certain muscle groups.  I didn't get much done yesterday for the same reason. 


Down to the final hours. The challenge ends at midnight tonight! 

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Ok, got the photos of two more off the camera. Of course there were huge glaring bits that are awful because I was in a hurry.


Not a reaper mini. Messed up the base and the face. 



A Bob Rudolphi I picked up at a paint and take.

I can't help picking it up if Bob did the sculpt.


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