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Burnt Umber?


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My initial reaction to Umber Brown was similar but now I love it.  Instead of a wash I use Umber Brown right out of the bottle for a lot of shading.  In particular a lot of WW2 uniforms have been shaded with UB.  


Maybe I should try making washes or mixing with it.


I kind of wish there were more paints like Umber Brown in consistency but in various colors.

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I think transparent paints are very useful to have around, but it makes me wonder why they put Umber Brown in the MSP HD paint line.  If you guys hadn't told me about it, I would have expected it to be HD, and thus more opaque than the MSP Core line.  


It is going on my list of paints to get, probably during the 12 Days promotion, if they hold one this year.  Thanks for the info.

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