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Dagon's Emissary (ReaperCon 2016 -- Parts 03707 and 03497)


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This poor thing is only about 75% finished, but I entered it anyway. It ranked silver, and feedback was as expected ("Gee Josh, you spend so much time building things, and then never have any time to paint.")


I still plan on finishing this, though. I've put in too much work already, and thought the concept was neat. I'll detail the final days of this project here. :)


We'll start off with this guy. I only had a rough concept of what to do, but figured I'd eventually figure it out. I wanted a Deep One to be negotiating or something with some tribesmen, but I've never thought of Deep Ones as non-sentient fish people. I wanted this guy to be a priest of some sort, so I gave him a shoulder sash (not seen in this pic) of sea shells, a bracelet, a sea shell arm band, and a staff. There was extensive re-posing involved. I'll write a tutorial on that later. It wasn't just simply bending limbs here and there. It's a little more involved than that, but not much.




Initial layout. The bank is a couple layers of wood with water-based acrylic wood filler to smooth it out. I originally wanted a bunch of mangrove trees, but I couldn't figure out how to fit everything else on the base.




The water based filler fell apart upon sanding. They've changed their formula over the years, and it wasn't nearly as durable as other years when I've used it. I was running short on time (this was 10/2), and I couldn't find a plinth the size that I wanted, so I improvised. I stacked a few discs on top of each other (glued together via Gorilla Glue and a couple C-clamps), added my bank again, and then filled everything with Bondo Wood Filler once it was dry.




The Bondo Wood Filler was amazing. It took 5 minutes to set up after mixing (not much time to work -- have a plan!), and about half a day later I was able to run it across a belt sander to get a smooth finish all the way around (don't forget your PPE).




This ended up being the mostly final concept. I planned on having the Deep One standing in water, but also planned on not having it, because previous attempts at clear acrylic were all total fails.




Start of the tree.




Mostly the end of the tree. I should have spent another 1-2 nights sculpting it, but...maybe next time.




A mostly completely concept.




Nearing completion. I added a 3rd tribesmen, since it felt unbalanced, and blinged one of them out, so he could be a witch doctor or something. I modified the stone head, turned it into more of a ruin, and replaced the human nose with something more akin to a fin (because they worship fish dudes, ay).




Even closer to being done. I added roots for the tree, some additional bricks for the ruins, and, oh, look -- Seoni's armor plate is sitting back there.




To be continued...


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Part TWO...


Another view. Notice the fish? I had been testing water effects while working on this, and was feeling more confident about adding water.




Add some extra effects, and then airbrushed some basic colors, so I could see what I wanted to eventually do with it. I should've just left it here, and put it on the Shelf of Shame. I kinda like it.




Started painting the Deep One.




Water! I'm still amazed that it came out. And with practically zero leakage, too! I can do a tutorial on this later, if anyone's interested.




The water's tinted with green and blue acrylic ink. I also gave the ground underneath a few washes of the same mixture, and maybe a couple washes of GW Nuln Oil.




It needed something more. After a night of brooding, I made a ton of lily pads, and threw them on there. I'm going to go back and paint them better, and add a few more smaller ones to fill in the gaps. Lily pads are usually pretty dense and clumpy.




This is what I turned in. The tribesmen only have a basecoat and a wash. The tree only has a couple washes. I never got around to making the title parchment look like old parchment. There's like 101 bad things I can say about it right now. I also planned on filling the whole diorama with those little plants that Kamizukuri makes, but I screwed up my first batch of plants, and wasn't able to get my second batch ready on time. They're much harder to work with than expected, so I'll do a writeup on those once I figure out how to do them without screwing them up.




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They say that there's no such thing as an original idea.


I was crawling through my pics from my previous phone, looking for progress pics from previous projects, and I came across this amazing piece. I don't recall seeing this in person, but I obviously took a photo of it. Kudos to whomever did this -- you inspired me without me even knowing it. I guess? If anyone knows who did this, please post.



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I saw this today, and I'd like to think I poked somebody's imagination. ;) Probably just a coincidence, though. :)




I've been afk this whole time, and see that I owe everyone some tutorials. Maybe in June -- we just bought a new house, and I'll actually have room in our new place for leaving projects out for extended periods of time. Still not sure if I'll be able to make it to ReaperCon this year, though. We didn't expect to find a place we liked, AND get it, so everything's kind of a mess right now. But it's a good mess.

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