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Beautiful color choice and awesome progress on her cloak. I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the mini. Oh and it was lovely meeting you, I'm so happy I did.

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:wub:  :wub:  :wub:


That's amazing! I need to take that class on basics, haha!

I would definitely recommend it even if just for getting to hear the point of view of some seriously amazing artists.


Beautiful color choice and awesome progress on her cloak. I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the mini. Oh and it was lovely meeting you, I'm so happy I did.

It was wonderful to meet you too! It's always really great to be able to put a face to a name!



Thank you so much, everyone! I was really itching to get back to working on her! And now that I'm sat here at my office, I'm wishing I was able to work on her some more! Especially after seeing her on this big monitor where I can see everything that needs to be smoothed out!

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Tonight's progress:






I think I made some things better and some things maybe a little worse but I'm still pretty pleased with it.


And I also did the front parts of the cloak. I'm leaving this not as smooth as it could be because there are a lot of areas on her that are a little difficult to reach so I think I'll likely make a lot of mistakes and don't want to end up with my paint too thick on the cloak because I've refined it so much only to have to redo it.




I'm trying not to let my terrible lighting blow out the colours too much.....but I'm also too lazy to put together the light box.  ::P:


Comments and criticism welcome, as always!

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OK. So I took this first batch of pictures the other night when I started on her skin....but then I kept forgetting to send them to myself, edit and post them. But I thought I should show y'all the progression anyway, so here they are. 


Paints I'm using on her skin are all MSP. I'm pretty sure that I also mixed in some Brown Liner with the darkest colour when I started out but I'm not 100% on that as what I'm seeing in the pictures might just be the darkest colour painted over the black primer. I'm using everything pretty thinned down and mixing half and half as I worked my way to the lightest. I know for sure at the lightest I mixed some pure white with Pale Flesh.


Anyway, skin tone paints used: Barbarian Flesh, Youthful Flesh, Maiden Flesh, Pale Flesh


I believe after this batch of pictures, I had only gone as light as Youthful Flesh.




I don't know why that picture is so much larger than the rest of them........but honestly I don't feel like going back and re-editing. ::P:


post-13371-0-41979300-1478144313.jpg post-13371-0-06427000-1478144314.jpg post-13371-0-53109400-1478144314.jpg post-13371-0-98826700-1478144314.jpg 


I think her most visible eye is pretty decent, now for her second eye under her hair....something has gone awry on the model itself and there's a gnarly gouge there so I did the best I could there. If it weren't underneath her hair I'd have to give her a huge scar or an eyepatch,


And I took this final picture to show....I don't know, my sloppiness? Because I don't think that we should show all glamour shots in a WIP, right? Right.



Now all of these pictures are terrible. I am constantly battling my lighting situation but I think the pictures are much better in the next post, so just keep scrolling....

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If the deep bits on the cloak are bothering you, paint them your darkest shadow and then leave them. People won't pay attention to them so much. So even if there are some folds down there, you can kinda cheat by just making them really dark.

The blending's looking good. I like Brice's method.

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So now these pictures should be much better.....hopefully anyway. I upgraded to an iphone 7 plus and I think it takes much better pictures and is much better at reducing the glare from my ottlite.


In this batch, I worked all the way up to Pale Flesh mixed with a little bit of Pure White.


post-13371-0-39198000-1478145338.jpg post-13371-0-98236300-1478145338.jpg post-13371-0-46703600-1478145339.jpg post-13371-0-06379800-1478145340.jpg post-13371-0-95668300-1478145340.jpg post-13371-0-96763900-1478145341.jpg post-13371-0-63641100-1478145342.jpg post-13371-0-17642900-1478145343.jpg


I need to work some more on her cheek there where it's too dark and her hands, especially the one holding the staff because there's a significant mold line there that's causing me some grief. I might take an exacto to it if I can't get it looking better as is. Also I need to smooth out the transition from dark to light on her thigh because that shadow is going up further than I'd like.

I'm also thinking that I need to go a little higher with the highlights.


Comments and criticism always very welcome! If you think something sucks, let me know. This mini is putting into practice what I learned at Reapercon and I want to continue to improve on what I'm doing so don't be worried about my feelings if there's anything at all that you want to point out or have any suggestions whatsoever.


Finally, also, I'm thinking she's going to be a redhead because we all know how woefully under-represented redheads are in Reaper's catalogue. ::P: But I'm very open to suggestions on her skirt and top. I was thinking either light green or light purple.



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