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Wow, it's amazing what a difference just those small touches made, she's really coming to life! I can see her earring now, and with adding the peach to the skin and painting her lips, it really sharpened her face up nicely!


I agree with robinh that a few delicate highlights on the hair in a couple of places would look nice indeed! As for her fingernails, I actually like them as they are; I think that once the runes on her sword have a bit of highlighting on them, the nails won't look so out of place. It creates a nice triangle between the crystal, the nails on her right hand, and the sword, which helps lead the eye around the mini (that's a trick Corporea taught me ^_^ ).



--OneBoot :D

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That was my intention with the nails, was to lead the eye around. I think they're just throwing us all off because they're just sloppily basecoated right now. They're the first thing I'm going to work on when I get to painting today.


I haven't done any additional painting this morning (I'm really not even awake yet) but I took a few new pictures of her hair because it's definitely getting washed out because it's really bright in person. I don't disagree with bringing in a couple more spot highlights (as soon as I can figure out what's not going to go chalky on me) but I wanted to try to take a couple more pictures specifically focusing on her hair and without the second lamp light in the hopes that it might show up a little more true to life. I added the second lamp to get rid of shadows on her skin but it's definitely not doing the hair any favours.



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The hair is brighter in the pics but I still think some spot highlight will bring up the contrast.  I would look at using a yellow for the spots.  Switching to a grey scale image will show up the tonal differences and help you to define the contrast a bit.



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Show off thread is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72156-77203-alastriel/


I worked on her all day - literally! I turned on the Lord of the Rings extended edition and by the time I was halfway through the third movie and still fussing with her, I decided that it was time to call her done.


I really appreciate all of the comments and criticism, they really helped me to push myself while working on her. I hope you all like the end result!

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Since a couple of people were interested in how I did the base since I didn't post about it here, I took pictures of the materials I used while I was at home for lunch.


So here's the base:




So the bottom part is a "wood disc with bark" that I bought in a sack from Hobby Lobby.


Obviously they come in a bunch of different sizes so I just picked one that was the size I liked (although, tbh, I probably should've gone a little smaller) and then primed and painted it. I would assume that you could also stain them or just seal them perhaps.

I honestly couldn't tell you what colours I used though.


The top part is birch bark. I bought it in a roll also from Hobby Lobby.


I cut off a piece about the same width of the bottom part using regular scissors, though something a little more heavy duty would probably work a little bit better. Then I trimmed it down to size a little bit and made some jagged edges so that it looked more organic rather than having been cut straight from a roll. Then I painted it to look kinda like a stone slab. Again, no idea what colours I used, I was just grabbing bottles at that point.

I obviously just let mine stay curved since I thought it looked really interesting that way, but you could perhaps use a clamp or something to flatten it out.



To blend the sides so that it wasn't just sitting there on top of the wood and for the underneath area, I put down some Vallejo Brown Earth paste. You can find this a few different places - I got mine from Amazon because I'd originally bought it at the last minute with the intention of using it on Kaladrax's base when I was doing the 7 day challenge for him but ended up not using it. Vallejo sells a couple of different colours of this stuff - you may already be familiar with their Red Oxide paste. Same stuff, just a different colour, I chose this one because it's more of a neutral colour that's easier to paint over. You can build it up a bit and shape it somewhat or just put down a thin layer to add some texture instead of going the glue and sand route. They say it dries fully in 30-45 minutes but with my humidity, it can take over an hour in some areas.



Then the moss is just the technique where you put down super glue wherever you want the moss to be, then put foam from a blister pack on top of it, press down on it for some amount of time (I've seen some people clamping it down for several minutes....I just press firmly with my fingers or the back of a paint brush if I'm trying to get it down into crevices and hold it there for 20-30 seconds before tearing it back off) and when you rip it off, it leaves a layer of fuzz there. Then you can use tweezers to pull away the excess, then once you're certain that the super glue is fully dry, stipple in a really dark green, then drybrush in 1 or 2 lighter greens. You may need to touch up some areas where there's super glue shininess with a matte sealer - spraying with dullcote would likely work.

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