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What is this miniature?


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So, I got this lovely in the swag bag - spoilered, because kind of large image. At least, when I finally post this, it will be spoilered. As suggested in the acquisitions thread, I'mma post a picture. ^^;


All I know is that it's female, it's carrying what looks like a staff, and it looks like she has the comedy/tragedy masks hanging from her belt. It may not be fantasy, but ... I'm at a loss here. Can't find her on their website, and I looked. :/






If I posted it in the wrong section, feel free to move it. ^^;


Much thanks, I appreciate any help.

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 That would be Bobby Jackson, the sculptor. Given his sculpting style, the face also marks it as an elf.


What kind of packaging did it come in? That will give a good place to start to pin a name and number on the figure...

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Well, I mention the info on the blister pack in the tags... ?


Not that I could find the miniature on the two websites I stumbled over. You get something very different, punching 'Valiant Miniatures' into the search pane than you do if you look at veltd.net - the curious will want to stick a www in front of that.


I has a baffled.

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Valiant makes some good stuff. I've posted a few things from them in my show offs before.

But that website, ai yi yi.


I've seen worse. One of my fellow mods on a different site probably said it best.. "The nineties called, and they want their website back." That having been said, I've played with 'shopping' code, and ... lemme tell you, that's a flaming mess. >.<


I may paint Ms. Jesra Bard up as a half-elf (no visible pointy ears in all that HAIR), but past that I'm just glad to know what she is and where she came from.

I'd be curious to see what everyone else got, if they didn't get the same one I did, though. Peeektures pleez?

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