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Mythic Battles Pantheon


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New Kickstarter starting in November



Mythic Games aims at creating and developing high quality games, combining great mechanics massively play tested and demoed in public with spectacular visuals and miniatures designed by world renowned artists.

Monolith (click) instantly became a reference in the world of high quality miniatures board games with Conan, which raised over $3.3 million on Kickstarter.

Monolith and Mythic Games joined forces to co-publish Mythic Battles: Pantheon, which will soon hit Kickstarter


Looks like you control a God (giant sized) and its faction (human sized).


Minis look nice


Live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/806316071/mythic-battles-pantheon?ref=user_menu

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Not totally sold yet. Conan was/is not a bad combination of miniatures and game, but miniatures and game have certain flaws. They showed incredible sculpts (partially computer generated) during the Conan KS and some (! ... by far not all) did not live up to that (and yes, Zombicide and Blood Rage showed that it can - almost - be done).

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Not totally sold yet. Conan was/is not a bad combination of miniatures and game, but miniatures and game have certain flaws. They showed incredible sculpts (partially computer generated) during the Conan KS and some (! ... by far not all) did not live up to that (and yes, Zombicide and Blood Rage showed that it can - almost - be done).

The first picture of the two minis is a picture of a production sample. They've even said they've improved them since then. They're also using two types of plastic so that the long weapons don't bend. In talking to them at Gen Con I really got the feeling that they've learned a lot since Conan, and have been able to improve their processes and their skill in general.


Jeneki, the fully painted mini I believe you are asking about is Ares. It's worth noting that there will be a painting guide in this campaign, done by the two people who painted the minis in those pics (one uses an airbrush, the other does not). Not sure if it will be an add on or included.


As for gameplay, you do control a god, but you draft your army. You can play 1v1, 2v2, 1v1v1, etc...They've also said there will be a campaign mode, a crossover with the Conan board game, and there is going to be an RPG next year where they could crossover similar to how Conan crossed over with the Modiphius Conan RPG. Someone wrote a very good review right after GenCon on BGG. If I have time later today I'll see if I can find it and link it.


I am really excited for this. The potential that they could expand to other pantheons is very interesting for me. I played it at Gen Con and loved it. I brought some of my friends who aren't board gamers, and they really liked it as well, a couple even decided they would pledge for it when it came out. I'm actually already planning on going all in, and I've never done that for a KS before. 

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Yeah, but it's a lot easier to get that kind of detail on a larger miniature. If you're talking about the smaller one, that was part of the Conan KS if I'm not too wrong ... and is certainly not a bad one.


Apart from that it's very similar to Conan: show either resin masters (or computer generated sculpts) and miniatures painted by people who know what they're doing and can make look almost anything good.


Companies say a lot ... they also said they delayed Conan for a couple of months to have Fantasy Flight Games help them with the rule book ... did either not happen or not help much.


If they already have production type miniatures and a finished game, what do they need a KS for (which probably will rake in a million or more)? I always thought the molds are the expensive parts of plastic miniatures and casting the miniatures then is a "dime a dozen" or so ... But yeah, probably they do not have molds for every miniature yet.


This probably sounds more critical than they deserve because after all, Conan was certainly worth my money ... but I have some bones to pick with that game and its miniatures and that's why I'll look very closely before backing that new Kickstarter.

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Totally understandable. I'm still waiting on my Conan to ship, so I can't comment too much on quality aside from pictures I've seen. 


Maybe I wasn't clear, that first picture of Ares and the Spartan are plastic production minis, not resin. From the pictures I've seen, the Spartan already looks better than the one that shipped with Conan (although it could just be a better picture/lighting/etc..) And I believe that the plastic minis were what they were using for their demos at Essen. And they're still making changes to the game. Just in between Gen Con and Essen they changed the power dials to a more square, slider type thing (sorry, I know that's a terrible description).


I have to be a little careful, because I'm excited enough for this that I might white knight for it somewhat. I totally agree that some of the errors with Conan, like the rulebook (the FFG thing is confusing to me, too) should never have happened.

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