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Grudge Power Armor (ReaperCon 2015 -- Bronze Sophie)

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There are better names for this. The "official" name was "The Grudge Online" because I was operating on 90 minutes of sleep when I turned him in, and I wasn't sure how many people would get "Shadowrun Dwarf Rigger".


That's what the original concept was. Sort of. When I purchased him, I had every intention of pushing myself to paint like Michael Proctor (/wave), but the more I stared at him (the Grudge, not Michael Proctor), the more I wanted to buff up his armor into something a little more Warcraft-esque.


And then a friend got me back into Shadowrun. That's when I decided he was going to be a Rigger.




And so it began. Cool, right? Ok, no. Not at all.




I had just mixed up a new batch of what we'll call "Wiebe Stuff" (50% Green Stuff + 50% Apoxie), and I was feeling pretty carefree, and not at all caring about how much Stuff I was wasting. He got a backpack, but I was playing a lot of StarCraft II at  the time, so the Terran armor was still fresh in my mind.




More. You really get a sense of how much buffer the Grudge's shoulders could have been. It's a great sculpt, but I like my Dwarves meatier.




Adding more to the back.




Even bigger! I almost had a solid concept here.
















To be continued...


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Oh man.  That's a lot of green-stuff ... but put to such luscious use!  :D  (Now ... someone at Reaper simply has to translate this guy back into a 28-32mm gaming miniature.  I don't IMMEDIATELY have a need for a space dwarf, but if I saw a mini with cool tech-detail like this, I'd have to FIND one!)

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Top view. In order to compensate for where the original sculpt was, I made the armor more of a shell with padding inside. This was more because the whole thing was poorly planned (read: not planned at all), and I was really just throwing caution to the wind while binging on True Detective, GoT, TWD, whatever else I could find...




Shot from the front. The ab armor took forever, and I kept putting my fingerprints in it. A lot of people (Jason included) have asked how I got the armor plates so smooth, and the edges so square. The answer is simply -- time, a little sandpaper, and a sharp X-Acto blade. The inner flaps on his pauldrons didn't get as much attention. IRL, you can sort of tell, but the final bright paintjob is so overpowering that a lot of mistakes get lost. ;)




Finished up the goggles. I dug through a bazillion pictures of goggles until I found a few different ones I liked. How did I get the surface of the glass so smooth? Again, time, a little Vaseline, and a stiff (black) clay shaper. I built up a couple solid foundation layers, and the actual smoothed out surface is only maybe 1/8" thick.




Getting close to completion. Sandpaper used was 400 grit, and then 600 grit. Wiebe Stuff sucks to sand, so I tried to keep my sculpt as smooth as possible without needing to come back later and do this. Plus, the extra detailing was difficult to work around.


You'll notice the septum piercing here, too. I'm not into them, but it really seemed to fit him, especially after I gave him a couple additional ear piercings.




The back.




Better shot.




Glam shot.




Primed, but I forget while I went back and sanded.




After everything was primed, I noticed how much beard he lost, so I buff it up a bit, and gave him a few extra beard greeblies.




I also thought his armor was pretty plain. Coming from a mostly GW background, I expect to see icons and stuff pasted all over the place. I wanted something Reaper-esque, and after looking at the site again, and seeing the artwork for 2015, and I was like...


%#[email protected]**# THAT'S PERFECT.


I also wanted him to have some cybery dreads coming up in kind of Johnny Mnemonic Ice-T J-Bone kind of way. I ended up not going that way, though.




To be continued continued...

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Detail of the left pauldron. I totally planned some sweet sweet freehand.


Also, back then, I couldn't do freehand. Also, regarding the spikey cyber dreads -- I look at this pic, and think, "Man, I should've kept those."




Started to paint. I was determined to pull off a carbon fiber look. You can see on the ab armor in the pic after this one how it started -- just plain stepping. My brushwork kind of sucked back then, though. Each step ended up getting a tiny dab of shading to simulate the hump in the weave, and then a couple washes of black was done to make everything more subtle. I can do a tutorial on this later if anyone's interested. I go back and look at this sometimes, and still pat myself on the back for having pulled it off.


And then I say, "You'll never be this good again. Also, your carbon fiber effect really isn't as good as you think it is." 




Random person from crowd: "How do you paint yellow?"
Justin McCoy: "With an airbrush."

Me: "It's cold and it's dark outside. All I have right now is a size 8 flat brush that I'm using for painting the black on my base."




Had this been planned out better, and had I known how to actually paint rust, this whole thing would have been so different. I did just a tiny bit of weathering on him, but that was about it. Really, though, is a well-off Rigger going to be stomping around in rusty armor? Probably not. He might have a few scratches and dings from a mission, but that's it. I'm ok with that logic.








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Oh man.  That's a lot of green-stuff ... but put to such luscious use!  :D  (Now ... someone at Reaper simply has to translate this guy back into a 28-32mm gaming miniature.  I don't IMMEDIATELY have a need for a space dwarf, but if I saw a mini with cool tech-detail like this, I'd have to FIND one!)


Dude. This is totally on my radar! I want to do Shadowrun-ish minis since there's such a lack of them. I'm on vacation for the next 2 weeks, and the only thing I'll be able to take with me is my sculpting kit, sooooooo...

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And now, I show you my shame.


Notice in that first pic of that Half-Orc Rigger where she's got some little bug drones? I wanted to do that. I actually DID do that, but I ran out of time to paint them.


It started off with the body of one flying bug drone...




And then another...




And then I thought, "Oh, a spider..."




"...would be really awesome."




All 3 together. The spider is just big enough to comfortably sit on the Grudge's shoulder.




Start of the flying drones' wings.








They never got painted. My local game shop owner took my Grudge, and he's been in the display case ever since, along with my Sophie, and medals. Someday I'll get them back. My little bug drones wander around where they feel like, and the last time I saw them, they were with my daughter's MLPs.

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