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Reaper Chronoscope 50051 "Max Decker" as a Fallout Ghoul Merchant

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Reaper Chronoscope #50051, "Max Decker, Private Eye," painted up and slightly modified to represent a ghoul pre-gen character for a Savage Worlds RPG "Fallout"-themed scenario or two at Necronomicon (http://www.stonehill.org/necro.htm) in Tampa, Florida.


My concept was heavily inspired by a character from Fallout 4.  In my take on it, this fellow was -- prior to the bombs being dropped -- a traveling ElectroSux door-to-door salesman and certified service rep.  AFTER the bombs dropped ... well, somehow he was still around, though his voice got a lot raspier and he had a bit of a skin condition, and some 200 or so years had passed.  He still talks as if the Great War hadn't happened -- talking about his pet Brahmin (mutant cow, typically two-headed) was a car ("Let me see what I have in the trunk of the Corvega," as he checks the saddlebags....), talking about raiders as if they're just "spirited youths," and so on ... even though he pulls his own weight, and his custom ElectroSux Junk Jet is surprisingly lethal (and easy to find ammunition for) in combat.


The "vacuum cleaner" is a random bit I got as part of a bits grab-bag at a "game bazaar" at the old Rhubarb Games store in Orlando, Florida.  (Ah, how I miss that store!  But even more so, I miss the game bazaars.  Great source for "bitz.")  I believe it was from a Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf set, as part of some sort of miner contraption.


The cow toy used for the Brahmin was originally from a Safari Ltd "Down on the Farm / Toob" set, with some Instant Mold and some Apoxie Sculpt epoxy putty used to grant it the second head.  For the stuff on its back, I used some more putty and then assorted Games Workshop and Hirst Arts bits.  The labels on the barrels (printed paper) are based off of actual labeling from Cold-War era bomb shelter supplies.


The rusty tractor in the background is also from the "Down on the Farm" Toob.  Some of the other contents are going to be a bit more of a challenge to make use of (as grossly out of scale as they are from each other), but I think I might turn one of the over-sized chickens into a sign element for some roadside chicken shack, and similarly put other not-nearly-25-to-32mm scale elements to use.  (Similar to how if you ever end up with some 54mm scale knights and you're making 25-32mm scale terrain, they can become statues ... or really big iron golems.  ;)  )



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Couldn't the oversize Toob chicken just be a mutant, giant chicken??


That's another possibility.  Another was to add a few spikes, and transform it into the dreaded Dire Chicken.


(Once upon a time, ages ago, circa 3rd edition d20, I played a goofball bard who had observed how there are Dire Badgers, Dire Bears, Dire Tigers, Dire-just-about-everything, and hence reasoned that somewhere, there MUST be a Dire Chicken ... and he had resolved to go on a quest to find it and make the Direst Fried Chicken EVER.  GM didn't go along with it, alas.)


The pig, I might see if I can transform into some flavor of Razorboar and use it for Iron Kingdoms.  (All the Razorboar models I have sport armor, which isn't really all that appropriate for boars found in the wild.  I mean, not that I'm so particular that I'm not going to USE them anyway to represent a Razorboar encounter, but I suppose I could find a use for an armor-less over-sized boar, anyway.)




Here's the lineup.  I'm thinking of using the farmer model (way too big for 25-32mm) to stand in front of a ruined restaurant, kind of like a "Big Boy" statue back in the day.  The Shire Horse is close enough to scale that I'm likely to use it as-is.  (Not for Fallout, though.  According to the Fallout Bible, there are NO HORSES in the Wasteland.  That makes me sad.  Not even any mutant, ghoulified Four-Horses-of-the-Apocalypse type horses?  Ah well.)


The Rooster and Hen with Chick each are contenders for decorative signage.  I could see the Rooster as the mascot for some sort of hotel/motel, or else transforming it into some sort of Dire/Mutant monstrosity -- for the giggles.  The "Hen and Chick" is weird enough (with a chick on its back) that I doubt I'd ever consider turning it into a "Dire" version of anything.  I suppose it could be the mascot for a fast-food restaurant, though the presence of the chick seems a bit morbid.  (But then, having a chicken as mascot for a place that sells fried chicken is pretty morbid no matter how you slice -- or pluck -- it.  Same as the local "Bubba's Bodacious Barbecue" that has, as its mascot, three pigs wearing shades, dancing amid stylized flames in the background.)


The pig's way to big to pass for a normal pig.  So ... barbecue mascot, or Razorboar conversion, most likely.


The Ewe?  Uhhhh ... Giant mutant sheep?  I have no earthly idea.  It seems less likely as the mascot for a fast food joint or such.


The giant German Shepherd?  Alas, he's just way too big to pass for Dogmeat.  He's too FRIENDLY (look at that pant!) to make a plausible Dire Wolf or Mutant Hound or whatnot.  But I figure I still ought to use it for something.


Tiny barn?  Roadside decoration for my N-scale road-war battles, I guess.  Singular hay bale?  If I had a BUNCH of them, it could be scatter terrain for a farm, I suppose, but just one seems kind of ... pointless.  I'll have to think on that.

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      On the right is the resin-printed version of the same model.  First off, it's a much higher resolution, but also Chris tried printing it at a 45-degree angle (supported by temporary scaffolding) as he's seen several others do.  I'm not quite sure about the advantages of doing this, but I think it makes a difference, because the curved surfaces of the hood, roof, and trunk are very shallow curves.  Actually, I think if the car were put up straight on its bumper, there'd be the best result, because each of the slices across the car would have a minimum variation of width from one to the next, versus the big jumps in footprint area to each layer when the car is printed right-side-up.  That's just my notion, however; there might be factors I'm unaware of that are contributing to this.
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      Here's a side-by-side of the two models now that each one is a little closer in terms of where I am in the process.  The green car on the left is the PLA model (you can still see the striation despite my sanding), whereas the resin one is the red one on the right.  I went in and painted the window areas and chrome detail in grey, and splashed some paint on the PLA undercarriage in preparation for making it look a bit rusted out.  At this point, I pretty much decided that the resin car is going to look pretty much intact, though a bit grungy, with the thought that it's a car that's been restored Post-War, or has somehow otherwise been kept in relatively good condition.  (I could after all use it as a "show car" for my "Chryslus Show Room" scenario.)
    • By Jordan Peacock
      Online, from a certain market of miniatures, I found some "Kaosball" team expansion packs on clearance (for a better price than what they're listed at now, as of this writing).  Each pack contains 13 32mm-scale minis in 2 poses (6 of one pose on 25mm square bases, and 7 of an alt pose on 25mm round bases), a "bust" that represents the "team coach," and a game-specific 12-sided die (which I suppose isn't much use for anything, unless I actually wanted to play the game).  Anyway, this worked out to being under $1 a figure, and the sculpts looked interesting, so I got a few packs.  (I find it hilarious, though, that while most of the packs are marked down, the "Felinia Hellcats" -- scantily-clad gun-toting cat-girls -- are specifically marked as "[CLEARANCE]" and yet they're priced at about 3x the asking price for each of the other teams.)
      I originally picked these guys up (the "Samaria Barbarians") with a vague intent that "someday" I would run a Savage Worlds convention one-shot scenario heavily inspired by the "Brütal Legend" video game ... but it occurred to me that few if any of my players would have heard of that game, and I'm no particular "expert" on anything rock-and-roll-related, so maybe I'm not the best person to GM such a setting.

      However, I could always use a few more post-apocalyptic wastelanders.  The "big hair" style here doesn't necessarily look like it would fit the current Fallout aesthetic as established in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, but I think these guys wouldn't look terribly out of place in the original Fallout 1 & 2 (what with all the "Mad Max" and "Fist of the North Star" wannabes wandering about in those games).  I removed the figures from their bases, putty-and-texture-stamped the 25mm round bases, putty-and-texture-stamped some plastic 25mm rounds for the remaining figures, and did a few hand swaps and bit-add-ons to give a few of the figures visible ranged weaponry.  (I figured that would give me a little more buy-in if I were to field a gang of these guys for an encounter and then they start FIRING on the PCs, versus what pushback I might get if they *appeared* to only be armed with axes.)

      I used some paper printed license plates to add some "junk armor" elements to further reinforce the "post-apocalyptic" vibe.

      Each team pack also comes with a "bust" to represent the team coach.  I went with a bronze-and-verdigris scheme for each.
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