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14479: Dryad...but More

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Someday I'll finish this. I might be almost confident enough in painting to be able to finish her right. I'm putting her on a rocky cliff. I'm from Colorado, and seriously -- we have awesome rocks. You might think yours back home are pretty nice, but they're not. Trust me.


I started off with a plinth and a coping saw -- not the razor/jeweler's saw that I use for butchering my minis, but a real coping saw. They're not expensive. Go get one. You can do stuff like this. If you're clumsy, you'll bleed a lot, though. Be careful. Wear eye protection. Get your mind in the right place. Be here. Right now. With me. I believe in you. Don't think bad thoughts about anything or anyone -- just exist here in the present. Think back to every time you've ever cut yourself -- you were either too tired, or you were thinking bad about somebody, weren't you?


Or you might just be clumsy. Fix that.


Because you want to make neat things, right?




I ended up giving the top of the plinth a slant, and I started sculpting a rock face on it.




Cautiously optimistic out of focus pic.




She needed some pink flowers. This mini will be my waifu.




Ok, now look closely -- she's not just on a rocky cliff. Her roots are crawling through the cracks in the rock face.




I was actually impressed with myself. Look at this! "Wow! You did a great job! I love the roots! They're amazing! And the branches coming out wherever they've found an opportunity to do so? This is so great! And the color palette is perfect!"




Note: This was almost 2 years ago. GW paint everywhere. I still use it, but I've since mostly converted to MSP HD, Secret Weapon, with a light smattering of Scale 75. Two years ago, I thought the only paint out there was GW. Thanks for convincing me to spend even more money on paint, guys. :P


To be continued...

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What! I love those rocks!!! Even the color looks appropriately arid. I had a similar idea to extend my dryad, but in a lush jungle setting. I'll enjoy following this one! ::):



Great work on the base!


Keep in mid to link the girl because of mammal parts.


I wish the forums had the crying laughing face so I could use it to respond to this. :lol:

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