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Mushimen Attack! Kickstarter by Iain Colwell (last 29 hours, funded, live)

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Project goal.

The aim of this project is to fund the production of a range of 28mm mushroom themed miniatures and scenery items. I'll be using contract casters to turn the Mushimen greens into metal figures and I'll be looking into using resin casters for some of the resin miniatures. Anything else will be cast in-house by myself.

The Mushimen!

With the Mushimen, I wanted to create a range of mushroom-men creatures who use stone-age weapons. This sets them apart from D&D Myconids who only use their fists for combat. I felt stone-age technology suited the feel of these creatures and would make them useable in traditional fantasy settings as well pulp "lost world" settings. Along with the melee warriors, certain Mushimen attain a mastery of magic and become tribal wizards.

In addition to the Mushimen are other fungi themed creatures. I've made a selection of the classic Shrieker mushrooms including a huge Boss Shrieker. To go with these are four metal branches which can be used to turn them into the dreaded Violet Fungi. Shoomies are the possibly the strangest of the lot, one-eyed creeping mushrooms. 

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Having backed Ganesha's Fightin' Fungi, these look like an excellent addition to that group of miniatures.  I especially like the giant. 


This guy has run 2 other kickstarters and seems to have a good track record so far. 


*digs through pockets for money*

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I liked what he did with the Stirges and the Toads.

But I just dropped out of Forbidden Fortress and Deep Madness to save some money... If I back this, I sense I'm going to go all-in again... :down:


Edit: and now they're talking about warbands, artillery and slug cavalry... Ack!

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Mushiman Wizard No 2

The kickstarter is already a great success and thanks to everyone for backing. I know people have spread the word on behalf of the campaign and that is much appreciated. I'm working hard to be able to add new models to the rewards to make the campaign even bigger.

Here are some pictures of the next Mushiman Wizard. Will be added to the campaign tomorrow.



Thanks for looking


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A pair of updates here (not been following closely):

Project is going great. Thank you one and all! I have some pics of a new model and also some revisions to the second wizard.

Looking at the original picutres of the second wizard I wasn't happy with his the head. It looked bigger than the first wizard. Also there was a comment that the staff looked too much like a spear. I've added a bit of detail joining the crystal to the staff. Hopefully this is better now.




 Next up is a new sculpt Mushiman "Masher", a large two-clubbed basher. He's the second largest mushiman!



 Long term plans for the range.

Once the troop figures are mastered I'll use them to make a set of variant sculpts for all the troop packs. The troop packs are currently the axes and spears and will be joined by a pack of archers. So eventually the range will consist of two packs of axes, two spears and two archers, 6 figures per type for a total of 18 different troop figures. I hope this will provide a lot of variety for skirmish and open up the possibiliy of a small army without too many duplicate poses.

These alternative sculpts will not be ready before the campaign ends but will be finished before the rewards ship so there will be a chance for backers to add to their pledge if they would like the alternate sculpts.

So currently working on slug cavalry, archers, and some other non-Mushimen fungi creatures as well as some "special" sculpts.

Thanks for the ongoing support for the campaign. We are on course to make this bigger than either of my previous campaigns which is fantastic.

All comments welcomed!


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And the second update:


The feedback regarding the second Mushiman Wizard was that his staff looked to much like a spear. I tweaked it but to no great effect, it still looked like a spear! I've turned it into a wooden staff with some small clusters of fungi growing upon it. I think this may have sorted out the issue!


This figure and the Mushiman "Masher" will be added to the campaign today.




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To me the second wizard appears to be the "master" and the first one the apprentice, and I really like the reworked staff (note:  I'd have been happy with the second iteration of the crystal).  It's a fun little range and the number of "unique" sculpts is going to be a lot larger than I expected.

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A couple of things:  First:  Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games is going to make a free pdf supplement to add these to the Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes engine (yay!). 


Also, the most recent update included an archer! 


Later than I had planned here is a pic of the first archer Mushiman. The other two are well underway so I should have the pack finished before the campaign ends!




Also, the prior update include some "Brain Spiders" which are really large intellect devourers in my mind:






This kickstarter I wanted to make some creatures based on models and drawings by my nephews. First up is the "Brain Spider" inspired by a model my eldest nephew Connor made a few years ago!

The set will contain two different resin bodies and two sets of metal legs. Assembly will be straight forward with no pinning needed. The bodies have 6 holes for the appendages so a bit of superglue will fix them in place.


Here is a pic of the original model that inspired these creatures! We changed the design a bit making the hind legs longer and the front two legs into claws. The body is pretty much the same though only adding a couple of fangs.

We were thinking that these could sneak up on isolated adventurers and inject a spore into them. The victim then becomes a puppet under the control of the Brain Spider! Or they could be the "pets" of the Mushiwizards who grow these magically from clumps of fungus mingled with spider essence!


And for a colour scheme check out this real world fungus!


Just add £10 to your pledge for two Brain Spiders. Hoping these prove really popular as is Connor (who'll be getting some royalties)!

Tomorrow I should have some pictures of the Mushimen archers and a 3rd Mushiwizard designed by my younger nephew Elliott.

Thanks for looking!


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Archer preview  

Later than I had planned here is a pic of the first archer Mushiman. The other two are well underway so I should have the pack finished before the campaign ends!




  3rd Mushiwizard!

Here's the 3rd Mushiwizard of the campaign designed by the youngest nephew Elliott. He's a budding artist and drew quite a few pages of designs with lots of interesting creatures. I could have choosen any number of the designs but this fellow really stood out. I think it was the huge fur-edged coat which got me! His head was changed to match the other Mushiwizards.

I'm hoping he'll make a fun addition to the Mushiwizards and proves popular with backers! Now added to the campaign page only £3 for a metal version.


Group shot with the other spellcasters!


 Thanks for looking!


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Only 4 hours of the campaign left so a bit late in the day to add these! I really did want this set to be completed sooner. I've only finished two sculpts but the third is underway and will be a firing pose. I'll add these to the campaign now for anyone who wishes to add them to their pledge.


 Many Thanks!


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      - Universal Century MS-05L Zaku I Sniper resin conversion kit
      - SIMP/EVO Studio Zaku II (Ver 2.0) Grunts decal sheet
      - CJHobbies metal detail up parts kit (will mainly be used for leg thrusters as well as the mono-eye)
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