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I agree with Leader of the Rats; a nice wash will help the skeletons and most of the other figures too by helping fill in shadows and delineate the sculpted texture on the models. I use Citadel "Agrax Earthshade" as a wash for warm colors, and Citadel "Nuln Oil" as a wash for cold colors.


Otherwise, those look excellent for less than a month painting!

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Overall you have painted these minis very well.


I think not only the skeletons will benefit from a wash, but also the beastman and the demon.( hordling).


The nun could benefit from a little darker white ( something like bleached bone or Ivory cream in the recesses of her white front, and maybe a little dark blue for the black).


All the minis are very well done. washing and more shadows/highlights would make them "pop" a little more.

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  Dang dude... That nun is off the hook.



One important note would be that even when something is one color... it is not really one color. There are darker and lighter parts in the one color range.


Good work,


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I think that 'Snow Shadow' would be a better choice for shadows/darker areas of the white on the nun's clothing.

(It's a very, very pale blue)


The skeleton with the bow can easily be improved by stringing his bow.

If you can find some very thin fishing line, 0.12mm or thinner, it would be good.

Or 0.1mm beading wire can also be used.

As there's no arrow, you don't need to have the skeleton grip the thread, though. Just pretend that it has just released the arrow.


It's details like that that really makes minis 'come to life'.


What kind of brush are you using?

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Woot! You've got pretty good brush control already it seems and that is one of the more time consuming and difficult things to learn, particularly if you have not done art stuff before or have been out of practice with such things. That was my first hurdle. You seem to have leapt that hurdle and made a good first try at flight! Now it is just trying new stuff and seeing what works for you.


Anywho, advice type things. Washes will help with most minis. generally, the recesses and cracks in a mini should be a darker shade of the color. also, raised and higher points should be lighter shades. as with everything, exceptions exist but most kinds of minis follow this pattern. Things like Fire Elementals, torches and the Power Core inside the Nuclear Death Robot are a few of those kind of exceptions. Those go a it backwards so they might take a bit of work to get comfortable with the concept. Don't sweat it though yet.


Also, do NOT be afraid to make mistakes! Mistakes are one of the best and most efficient ways to learn. And it is very difficult to avoid making them and alot less stressful to just fix them;)



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