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General newbie tips


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Hmmm trying to think of anything that others have not mentioned. 

​You could use some lining as Ive noticed especially on your goat man.  The flesh bleeds into the fur a bit.  You pick a dark brown to put in there and it will improve the contrast and pop.  However all of your pieces would benefit from a good liner wash.  (Reaper Liners are pretty good but you can use any wash for the same purpose.  You just have to be careful not to over do it.)

​Washes from Citadel are pretty good for this.  Agrax Earthshade, Reikland Fleshshade, Sepia, and Nulin Oil are the best and most commonly used. 
​To improve the goat man use the earthshade for the border then use the sepia of fleshshade for the rest. 

​I would also recommend researching a technique called glazing.  It will really help blend your color transitions.  It takes a bit of practice but it is worth it and you will see a vast improvement once you get the hang of it.  
​You already have a pretty good grasp on brush control.  That eye on the eye creature is pretty darn good. 

​Also there is a paint from citadel called Blood for the Blood god.  It dries with a shine to it.  It is by far the most realistic looking blood I've seen.  However, don't apply it until after you've mat sealed the entire mini.  Mat sealer will take away the shine. Blood splatter pattern is excellent though...well done. 

​The blonde hair on the girl It might help to add a bit of a cream color to it with yellow.  Reapers Blonde hair colors are awesome.  As it stands in the photo the hair blends too much with the flesh.  So you cant really tell it apart.  That coupled with lining will help. 

​Sorry if it seems like I'm nitpicking.  I think these are all well done.  Especially for someone who has only been doing this for a month.  I don't think it will take much for you to get really good. 

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I don't have any other advice than has already been given. These are really good. Especially the nun stands out. You have great brush control. Just need to add some more techniques to your repertory. :) 

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:p They are actually all shaded, but I think one of my biggest problems is going too light on the shading. You can almost see the nuns shading. I always forget highlights though!


Something we all suffer from.


Deeper shadows, higher highlights...

And pics don't always show the mini as if in real life...


You're doing fine, and soon you will be better, it shows you got the talent for this.

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Washes are like magic. Nice work though.


I like the nun, especially the detail on the rosary, revolver and her eyes.


What kind of brush are you using? It looks like you're laying down too much paint, and maybe it's messing with your ability to get finer details?


Either way, keep going!

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You did all that with CRAFT PAINTS?


*Picks jaw off of floor, wipes off the dirt and puts it back where it belongs*


Generally brushes are specified as '2', '1', '0', '00', '000' or '5/0'(meaning '00000') and so on.


You should try to get hold of a good size 0 brush, and possibly a larger one, a 1 or 2.

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