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Hello Fukushima


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So at last years ReaperCon I decided to do something geeky with one of my Khanjiras, Hello Kitty colors.

I started off by priming Khanjira with blue liner and the terrain base with grey liner. The base was layered with Dwarven Forge's earth stone, wet drybrushed with Reaper's ruddy brown, drybrushed with Dwarven Forge's cavern stone, and washed with mossy green. Eventually I'll go in and add some barnacles and seaweed.

For Khanjira's body, I used two thinned layers of ghost white followed by two thinned layers of 50/50 ghost white and spectral white to make the under coat and finished up with two layers of 66/33 pure white and ghost white for the base cost. The scales and bony protrusions were under coated three layers of thinned dragon red.

I wasn't to worried about getting a little of the dragon red on the skin as it'll help get the red/pink reflection later.

The next step is to base coat the scales and boney protrusions with punk rocker pink.




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Took almost a week off. I was going to cover the dragon red with punk rock pink but I went with breast cancer pink as the base coat. I can always darken it and turn the breast cancer pink into a highlight color. Next step, go back and clean up the skin.


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