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Destiny Aurora: Renegades Miniatures Board Game by Destiny Horizons

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About this project

Wouldn't it be great if you could play a game where you can play as a crew as well doing battle in space? Now you can.


Destiny Aurora: Renegades is a uniquely immersive sci-fi game where players control both dogfights in space while their Away Team performs a mission on the planet’s surface. Discover a universe of alien races and indigenous creatures and even board enemy ships as the story unfolds. Customize your crew and your ship during this exciting and fast-paced campaign-based miniatures board game based on the successful book series.


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With your help we are developing an amazing new world inspired by the characters and elements of the Destiny Aurora novels, with you at the helm. You have the con. "Fast-paced, strategic and fun!" Those are the words that describe the new Renegades Board Game that we've been play testing for the past eight months. 

With a set of 24 unique Figures you can play as Jayce, Rovanna, Flibby, X, Rolf, as well as Kunlore Thorne and others as you command the Destiny Aurora, the Cerberus, the Hades or the Eden Fyre while going up against the Zurathi and the Dreggs for the fate of the galaxy.

Download draft of the Rule Book

7201d6d89346074872ba90a8a645d2ad_originaTargeted EMP Blast by Admira

Choose your faction: will you take jobs from the black market as the mercenary-style Renegades or play as the Intergalactic Coalition Peace-keeping force trying to lock them up for good. Choose your ship and your crew, consisting of a Commander, a Pilot, an Engineer, a Weapons Expert and a Communications Officer/Medic.

cabb6fdfb600aba07a1ce518e8d4db15_originaLanore Gandelle-Coalition Officer

The core game will include 3 unique campaigns consisting of 16 different Missions that will send your team to various corners of the galaxy. The Renegades crews may have to abduct a Princess, kill a creature to get a blood sample, steal vital information or even enact an assassination. It's the job of the Coalition crews to thwart them or possibly arrest them. Crews can even board opponent ships.

1d8b87c19e772e2278719ac1f062e874_originaFull 2-board layout


7b40c73ce012d3c6284be88f99796248_originaPlanet Board


c4986348c2562796c51d62888e5aed2c_originaSpace Orbital Board

Each Campaign culminates with an Epic Ending that might have you battling in a civil war, or teaming up with your opponents to fend off the a cataclysmic event that would lay waste to the galaxy.

Choose between 4 uniquely sculpted Ships and a crew consisting of 5 crew members. Each has specific abilities that makes them valuable on both the ship and on the Away Team. Strategize and choose your Landing Party carefully. 

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774f3c55772f5b36f69c62f9497c47d5_originaX-473, Quinn Marr, Rovanna Zoor, Jayce Carver, B-149, Rica Aris, Rolf, Flibby Yaas, Lanore Gandelle, Stephen Straken


3b49b5aa5315e0caf9200e9bd9fe9e74_originaKrellyn Rane, Grom, Trixx, Belle Azur, Donexia, Kunlore Thorne, Nell'ha, Dr. Halstrom, Dro Tov, Abok


7f03f5d5997f159a7ac21d9bfc0ebecc_originaRenegades: Hades Vi & Cerberus, Coalition: Destiny Aurora & Eden Fyre

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The renders have a nice superhero/villain look to them.  I'm a bit tempted to get them specifically for that purpose.

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The game definitely has a Battlestations and Star Wars Vibe. I grabbed an earlybird and will check the game play later. It definitely looks pretty.

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I like the renders. I don't like that it doesn't look like they have much else. If they had some bare printed (?) prototypes alongside those two painted samples, that would be helpful.

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The Creator writes this is their second game. Does anyone know their first 'the Refuge'?

It's supposed to deliver next month but maybe someone saw.played it at a Con?

And the KS for Refuge was under another Creator ID (though it looks like the same company) than Destiny Aurora.

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I just received my game. A bit late based on the estimated delivery of April 2017, but considering it is a full board game with lots of art/cards/minis, 13 months doesn't seem so bad. It's a very nice looking game, a large box full of big, thick sturdy looking game pieces, and great looking cards with easy to read text. The minis are nice, they are on the larger size, but non-heroic proportions. Quality looks good, detail isn't resin quality but seems similar to Reaper bones. I snapped a couple pics, but since they are so thin, the camera had trouble focusing on them. I think they'll look good painted: 5a4d1748653e7_2018-01-0312_13_29.jpg.25299ffc69fe3c6b8b70944cf8c0b1ad.jpg

I'm a sucker for anything angelic, so the winged officer was one of the first things to draw me in. She definitely looks better than she does in my picture. She's with a Reaper mini and Grom.


A slightly better picture of some alien figures, Nell'ha and a very Tiefling like Rica Aris. You can see a mold line on Nell'ha, but nothing too bad.


And finally a couple of the ships.

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