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65140 :: Ogre Mage :: P-65 Heavy Metal


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It's the surfing samurai ogre mage ... er ... just my P-65 Heavy Metal Ogre Mage.




Yeah, the background was boring so I added a border.  :blues:


As you can see here, he's just basecoated and attached to a piece of slate which has been covered with ballast.


I basecoated this guy a long time ago and shelved him because ... well, I wasn't ready to completely get into finishing him.


I decided last night to pull him from the shelf of shame and resume work on him.  I hooked him up to my holder ... then had to counter his weight with rocks, sand AND water ... he's a heavy bugger.


I used craft paints at the time to basecoat him.  I am okay with the basecoating and enjoy the palette I started.


So, colors ...


The green hakama pants and robe are Celery.


His skin is Phthalo Blue.


The Pack Cover is Lavendar.


The Fur Jacket is Antique Gold.


And the orange-like highlights are Deep Sea Coral(?) ... I think.  Been a while.


The ground is Sunflower Yellow.


The gist of the color scheme was desaturated tones to start with.  We'll see where this leads.



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Got into some shading and alteration of the colors last night.




Sticking with the border ... WTH.


Anyway, used Reaper Midnight Blue to shade his skin.  Reaper Leaf Green and Reaper Jungle Camo to shade his hakana.  Reaper Rattlesnake Leather to shade his fir jacket, the basket and some of his accessories.  I also used Rattlesnake Leather on the grip of his weapon. 


I used Reaper Imperial Purple and Reaper Gem Purple on the basket cover.   Reaper Terran Khaki and Reaper Autumn Shadow to make the basket three colors of wicker.  Reaper Terran Khaki to basecoat the hanging head. 


Then on the Water Goblin on his back, I used Reaper Carrottop Red to shade and then Reaper Lava Orange and Reaper Pale Saffron to highlight the Water Goblin's shell.  Reaper Rattlesnake Leather to shade the Water Goblin's face.


We'll see if I can get to more of him before the weekend.

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Got some more work done last night ... late.  :ph34r:


Some more details added.  Shot against a background instead of white.








Latest colors used ...

  • Hair - Reaper Grey Liner
  • Pack Cover - A wash of Reaper Malvernian Purple
  • Bracer - Reaper Old Bronze, Reaper Rach Red, Reaper Cactus Flower
  • Weapon - Reaper Witchcraft Purple, Reaper Rach Red
  • Weapon Blade - Reaper Tarnished Steel
  • Pouch Behind Water Goblin - Reaper Adonese Green
  • Bracer Ties - Reaper Adonese Green
  • Necklace - Reaper Rach Red
  • Teeth - Rattlesnake Leather wash with Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil





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He looks awesome.


I just think the base needs some more, maybe some leaves or something???


Yup.  As I mentioned, I just have to finish up the base.


I'll build up some moss with some ground foam and then scatter some leaves or something.


I may skim a section with green putty and create a slate rock in front of him, or get a slim piece of actual slate and glue it over the sand and make a slate outcropping that way.

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