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I haven't been painting as much as I would like due to some health issues. I have painted a few things and will be posting them on show off as soon as I can get them based. Most stuff I have been pain

I have been working on this - just slowly.   So, the first thing I did was give the "soil" a basecoat of P3 Umbral Umber and then did some splotches of washes over it. I will drybrush later and then

Posted Images

You really have created something amazing here!  The fact that this is "just" the base for a dragon and his would-be robbers just makes all the more spendiferous! 

I really like your idea for a more natural scheme for the dragon as well.  Colors that would more easily blend in with the surroundings you've created is a more "real" approach to a beast having adapted to it's habitat.  Will wait impatiently for you to finish your other pieces before you return to this... 

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I have been working on my exchange mini to send to Evilhalfling. As soon as I finish that up, hopefully by next week, then I will start on the dragon. I also plan on going to the fabric store to find something that might work as a background to take better photos. I don't think my blue bedsheets do it justice. Ha!


Thanks for your interest! I'll be returning to this project soon!

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One more question for you, you may have already stated this somewhere on the tread.


Did you airbrush this or was it with a brush (besides drybrushing)?  


I am starting my DDS2 (I'm starting with the adventurers) and the base just seems pretty intimidating with a brush.

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On 3/23/2017 at 9:15 AM, NecroMancer said:

One more question for you, you may have already stated this somewhere on the tread.


Did you airbrush this or was it with a brush (besides drybrushing)?  


I am starting my DDS2 (I'm starting with the adventurers) and the base just seems pretty intimidating with a brush.

I am so sorry! Not sure how I missed your question. Everything is painted by brush, I do not have an airbrush or would I know which end was up with one! I don't think I used anything larger than a size 3 and that was for blending. Most detail stuff was painted with a size 2 with a nice sharp point.


I have started working on the adventurers. So yay! I have basecoated the archer and the sorceress. They may be finished tomorrow as I am taking them to paint day. I wanted diversity in my group so am trying to use different skin tones for each figure. The archer is a Drow, the sorceress has a Mediterranean skin tone, the rogue will be Asian, the dwarf....well, I am having trouble with him actually, maybe tan caucasian, and the warrior/pally will be light skinned with red hair and beard.


After the people are finished, I start on the dragon. I have been looking at lizard pictures for reference and have picked a few that I like so we'll see.


I will try and get some photos of the people on here, hopefully tomorrow when I get home!

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Ok, I didn't get as much done today as I had hoped. One, I am slow. Two, my friend and I decided we needed to go to FLGS and browse the paint section. To be fair, it was his idea. He was out of Soft Tone and I nearly was so it was an excuse to go have a look. $75 later (my part was only $12 Ha!) and lunch and we were back to painting.


Anyway, the sorceress is nearly finished. I need to highlight the gold and the rocks and then I think she is finished. Her skin is (all paints will be P3 unless noted) Khardic Flesh Base with a touch of Army Painter Green mixed in. For shading I use Idrian Flesh with Vallejo Cam Olive Green mixed in. Just a touch, you don't want it looking green, just a subtle olive tone. For first highlight I use Midland Flesh with a tiny amount of AP Army Green again. For highest highlight I add a smidge of Mennoth White Highlight to my highlight color.


She has some soft details and I spent a lot of time looking at other people's work to try and figure out what some stuff was. I like bright colors so my adventurers will probably be in pretty bright colors. I didn't want to go with a traditional hair color so she got ombre teal and purple which I thought complimented her clothing.


I am not a fan of her giant hand. I plan on making a spell effect and adding that to her hand. I like her hand better now that she is painted than before but still, I think a spell effect will look cool.


The archer....well, he didn't get worked on today so he is still just base coated except for his skin which is done. A couple things on him (scabbard, arrows) have only a wash on them so I could see them better. Having never attempted to paint a drow before, I didn't really have any idea so I winged it. My recipe for his skin is as follows: Base - 2 parts Coal Black, 1 part Reaper Clear Purple (09099); Shade - as above + Thalmar Black; Highlight - Add Mennoth White Highlight.


If anyone wants to know what colors were used for any of their clothing, let me know and I will list them.


Here are photos of where these two adventurers were left for the day. C&C welcome!


Edit* Tried to do 2 posts with all the photos but it automerged so took out the sentence saying the archer photos were in next post. Ha!

















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Ok, so I finished the adventurers! Yay! Now just the dragon to do!


So, here is a group shot of the adventurers. They each have their own Show Off threads. If you want to know particular colors or anything about the adventurers, let me know. I didn't take any photos while I worked on the adventurers since I took them to paint day and also forgot.




And their show offs:


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      is that true though?  why wouldnt it be huge if the base determines that?
      Wizkids, who does the official D&D models (in line with the models from GF9 that are also official) have a line of dragons coming, starting in dec/jan, that they said are their new gargantuan dragons and described them as properly sized or something .    
      Here's a pic of the first, the white:
      Maker: Wizkids / Wizards of the Coast Brand: Icons of the Realms Set: Gargantuan White Dragon, Arveiaturace Date Released: Jan 2021  
      really like the greek set. so nice!!

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      Dungeons & Lasers Second Edition prelaunch page


      -The 2nd campaign will offer products from the 1st campaign as well (called Legacy Products) with an option for shipping within a month from the end of 2nd ed Kickstarter. So ultra-fast, in the scale of Kickstarter, delivery.

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      they did the rapid delivery of existing stuff for their previous terrain KS and it worked well, and came in on time, and their plastic is pretty good so if you like the look of it well worth considering

      also do sign up for KS notification as that's going to help backers get more stuff!
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      Buckle in folks, I've got a lot for you today.  Over the past year or so I've slowly collected and painted a set of the five Chromatic Dragons.  When I first started collecting minis I'd picked up a couple of Dragons from Safari Ltd which were easy to find at craft stores.  Rather than buy a bunch of new models from Reaper or elsewhere, I decided to see if I could make a unique set of Dragons using mostly Safari Ltd models.  I flipped through my Monster Manual and browsed online catalogs and slowly picked out models that I wanted to use to represent each of them.  I eventually ran out of models that I liked and I supplemented a McFarlane Toys dragon for the Red.  I finally completed them early this past summer:

      The White Dragon

      Read on for More:
      The Black Dragon
      Moving up the Chromatic Hierarchy, we have the Black Dragon, represented here by the Safari Ltd. Cave Dragon.  This is actually the model that inspired me to paint up the dragons, as it looked so much like the 5E Black Dragon artwork.

      Read on for More:
      The Green Dragon
      Next up, we have the Green Dragon represented by the Safari Ltd. Twilight Dragon.  Funnily enough, that sculpt is also available in a green variant as the "Forest Dragon," but i already had the black copy on hand.  It was all getting painted over anyways.

      Read on for More:
      The Blue Dragon
      The last of the Safari Ltd. Dragons, this is the Fog Dragon, which got a tiny bit of green stuff to look the part of a Blue Dragon.

      Read on for More:
      The Red Dragon
      I used up the biggest Safari Ltd Dragon with the blue, and I wasn't seeing anything I liked from any of their direct competitors, so I chose something a little different for the Red.  I ended up with the Komodo Clan dragon from McFarlane Toys Dragons Series 2.  And though this guy showed up in shades of red, I wanted to paint it myself, so it got primed and re-painted.

      Read on for More:
      It was a lot of fun painting up these guys, and I like having a unique collection.  I'm also glad they're all done.  Though I do still have a Shadow Dragon and a Dracolich primed and waiting for paint... and then all the dragons that are still boxed... and then that big five-headed guy I keep meaning to get around to... and then all those new dragons coming with Bones 5...
      Which dragon do you like best?
    • By BLZeebub
      I was cleaning up behind my barn and found this half-buried in the dirt.  Was just on the way to throwing it out when I just couldn't.  So I washed most of the dirt off, and cut a base from scrap plywood I had, and away I go!  I actually have a semi-solid plan.  I want to knock this one out fast, first of all, so maybe it'll get done this year (ideally before spring or even March, but I know how things go).  I want it to evoke a few things without quite indicating any of them.  The Tyrell building from Blade Runner is a big one.  The magitek factory from Final Fantasy VI is another.  But I also want to maintain that primitive temple look--like a Mayan or Aztek pyramid--which the shape itself lends to.  I also want it to appear as though it's either been abandoned or nearly so, and nature has started to retake it.  So lots of pipes and vines and gears (see my initial bits pile) and maybe a surprise if I can keep motivated...  Let me know what you think!
      Ha, also noticed my little Narshe cottage in the background--it's nearly complete as far as building.  That'll be for another topic though!

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      So this is fun, because I can show you folks the Christmas presents I'm working on, so it's like I get to give them twice. Anyway, here's my take on her, really enjoyed going for a winter feel.

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