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Power Armored Dwarves

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Power armored Dwarves? Cyber Dwarves? Squats? /shrug


I'm trapped in Florida for the next week or so for "vacation". I seem to have a few hours of downtime here and there, though. I started 2 Dwarves tonight. I think this is maybe 3 hours in? Maybe 4, since I was messing with the armatures for a bit.


The poses aren't very dynamic. I'm starting off slow. I think I've mostly got the anatomy right. I brought a handful of Dwarves from various manufacturers for reference.


This one's stepping forward at about 45 degrees. Still deciding on one of two poses for his arms.






I think this one will be a commander type. It's an even less dynamic pose as the first, but I think I'll have him looking at a screen on his forearm something.





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I like your approach. The thighs on the second figure seem a little thin at this point but it seems like you're still pretty early in the process.

Cool idea, can't wait to see your progress!

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