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Nice grain on it... 

but chocolate is bad for dogs.. :)


You are entirely correct! However, none of the other candy I had available would fit on the wee table, so I made do with what I had. I needed to open four Reeses to find one that was halfway photogenic! :lol:


At least you got the right guy to slice up that Reese's... he's all about precision measurements!

Fun group... makes me realize I need pieces for terrain and set decoration... 


Yes, you do! You also need bookshelves and barrels and crates and stalagmites.... ::D: (those are also things that Talespinner sculpted lol)


Yeah! You're at 100% success rate for November! ^_^ I hope you continue the group shots, the final days of November are going to be amazing haha!


I will! I didn't plan to do that until I was about to take my Sir Forscale picture and realized it would be more fun if he had a dining partner. The wolf was handy, and then I decided that they should be dining on something. It kinda snowballed from there, lol. ^_^


I love one-a-day challenges; a lot more of my pieces get love that way.  ::P:


Nice job.  I love the richness of the brown your chose.


I love all of your pieces! :wub: I have Coraline Thaddington around somewhere; if I can find her I'll add her to my queue. :)


I chose warm browns deliberately, particularly Mahogany Brown, for a specific reason, but I'm fairly certain I'm the only one that would get the joke.


See, in The Emperor's New Groove, Kronk is commanded to break down a door, but he doesn't want to because it's hand-carved mahogany. And, well, the table and chairs were carved out of GS by hand......


Anyways, it amused me. :lol:



--OneBoot :D

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