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Science Report: Micro Mark Seam Scraper


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For Science!


So while speaking to Pezler the Secret Enabler last week on the hangouts, I mentioned a tool that Micro Mark sells for scraping Seams on models that I had seen, and I decided it looked like just the thing for removing mold lines on Bones minis.






As you can see from the last pic, the 'blade' is fairly long and reversible.


The idea is to lay the flat part of the triangular blade on the seam and pull / push it along to scrape off the seam, or in our case, mold line.


So I tested it out on the bottom of a Bones Sea Lion base...


I scraped the "C2013" off that was next to Reaper miniatures...


So far, so good, it does flats well....


Then I pulled Knarthex down from the shelf of waiting, and tried it on some of the scutes mold lines under the tail...







It may still require some sanding with fine grit sanding sticks or sand paper...


sorry about the pics, it isn't easy to photograph naked Bones....


And like any other tool, it will need some practice to use it well....


Overall, for the price, I consider it a useful tool for working on softer material minis.

still need to try it out on plastics and metal....






here is a link to the original photobucket site...


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That's odd.  They were all working last night, but I can't see them either this morning.


Edit: Aha! Following the link to one of the photos shows that Photobucket is down for maintenance.  Check back later...


Edit II: *** Hands Aryanun a  :ph34r: ***    "Bwhahaahaaa!"

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Got mine today and I REALLY LIKE IT!!!

I've been scraping zombies from the Black Plague edition of Zombicide, so much harder than the original set.  I've also messed around with Sir Forscale a bit.  

On the harder plastic, this thing is phenomenal.  As the blade is like a very pointed pyramid (and not sharp like a razor) with a very crisp edge there is a weight that keeps the chatter of the blade down a lot more than the really delicate thin blades of the x-acto blades with a thin tip.  It has very good reach, even though it is a 3-d shape.  

As the zombies are made of a harder plastic than (Older) Bones it works really really well.  You are still scraping and not cutting, but it is more even, at least for me.  The point can also be used in tougher to reach areas.  The tip also allows you to peel off the small flakes that seem to stick with more ease.  It is still not the tool for the seams that don't match up... and for the zombies, I'm not going to spend time to try and correct them.  For the heroes, I'll spend more time and anything I'm going to be entering into a competition.  

With Sir Forscale, I found different areas to work better than others.  His legs scraped off pretty easy, at least on the broad curved areas.  On his helmet, where the seam is a bit more mismatched (not much, but a bit more) there is more give and so it seems to just fold under and then pop back up after the scraper passes by.  Looks like I'll have to cut that area a little.

Overall, I would buy this again!  Definitely a useful tool.  Not the only tool for this area, but a better one than I have been using on several different plastics.


Edit: After a while working on Zombies tonight, I pulled out some of my Halloween Splendor (Barrow Knights and Arathanel) and tried the Seam Master on newer Bones plastic.  Oh! YEAH!!! Works great on these!  Where 2008 Sir Forscale was a bit more spongy, these 2014 guys were much stiffer and the scraper worked very very well on them.  Huzzah!


Also, being able to use your finger or thumb on the side opposite the scraping side, even toward the tip, really makes for a stable scraping platform.  I would recommend wearing eye protection, because you don't want to stab yourself in the eye with this thing!  But I love it!

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