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Science Report: Micro Mark Seam Scraper

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Got a response at 1044 [but hadn't woken up until recently] that says they are out of stock and don't know when they will get more. It also states they are not taking backorders for it.

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You can get one as pictured in the original post from a place called ToolUSA (doesn't look like the same thing Micromark offers, MM's looks less triangular and thinner). Go there and look up "seam scraper", should lead you to a 3pc set that has a straight one, a 45 degree and 90 degree angled. And as of the time of this post, it's in stock. And cheaper, much cheaper than Micromark. It's where I got my set last year. Love it for plastic models.


They also have just the straight piece on the site, but it is out of stock. Look up "triangle scriber" for that.

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I just ordered the 3 pack. It was $8.35 with the cheapest shipping.


Just a heads up, their search bar was giving me no results found for "seam scraper", but there was another "magnifying glass" off to the right and that worked.

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Hope it works for you. For me, I found it works great on styrene models, and so-so on my Bones figures. But to clarify, all of my white Bones figures are from the first Kickstarter, some of the plastic from that was super soft whereas on others the material was sturdier. I imagine it will work well on Bones Black, and hopefully well on white Bones now that it's been several years since.

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