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That half-scratch built assault gun diorama that's sat on the shelf for a while

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Some of you may remember this.


Well, basically, I'd painted it, weathered it, everything finished... and then I said I'd sculpt crew for it. Well, that's taking too long to get acceptable results, so I ended up buying two 1/35 figurine kits.


Now, the one hugely annoying thing about scale modelling is for some reason it is basically impossible to find female combat troops. There's the occasional orderly, nurse, the not-so-occasional pinup, and strangely enough there's a lot of "the one woman in the kit getting hit on by all the men in the kit."


Which basically boiled down to, "if you want it, you have to make it." Or at least do some major modifications.


So, the base models in this kit are ICM's Soviet Servicewomen 1939-1942, which is three women in uniform screwing around except one is getting yelled at by a male officer, and Zvezda's Soviet Medical Personnel, which has one female medic cradling a dying soldier's head. Not the best starting material, but that's what creativity is for.




Two of the ICM models and the Zvezda medic. With some breaking of wrists and Tamiya's weapon kit, I've changed one from holding a tea kettle to a rifle, and the medic from cradling a head to holding her rifle sling. The diary writer is essentially the same, just with added kit and cradling a submachine gun.




An unimpressed military servicewoman getting yelled at, with a simple arm flip and a flare pistol glued into her hands, becomes a tank commander. I may add headphones, we'll see.




You may have noticed that I only named four figurines, so where does this fifth one come from? The answer is an unholy kitbash of the ICM (male) officer's torso and cap, two of the Zvezda male casualties' arms, the medical satchel from the Zvezda nurse, the head from one of the Masterbox pinups I'd gotten a while back, and the legs and skirt unused from the tank commander. With a few accoutrements, she looks the part of a young courier or runner.

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Nice kit bashing!


Late war German Weapons????

saw Sturmgwehr, MP40, and KAR98K....


Not knowing what the original ladies looked like, can you do anything for the lady with the Sturmgwehr? the position she is holding the weapon is quite unnatural....

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Thanks guys!


knarthex: Yep, broke her elbow and both her wrists again, welded back into place, filled gaps with putty. Now she looks like it's in a low ready hold.




Primed and base colors added.

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Some detailing of the faces, some shading on the clothes, unit patches on their right arms. I might call it after I base the two that are walking.







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      Once again, presenting my experiments with translucent Bones and Tamiya Clears. 

      Warning Pic Heavy
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      As you can see, the Tamiya clears can actually change the color while maintaining the translucency on the smaller and thinner parts.  The only one that doesn't do this to the same degree as the others is the Smoke.

      Hope people find this useful. 
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