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Kingdom Death: Monster 2


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Hmm... Doing my daily Poots comments check, and I'm not too happy that the new armour sets are apparently a lot more work in progress than I thought.


While not a huge problem, when it comes to something like the Frogdog expansion where the armour miniatures are a good 90% of the reason I want it, it would be nice to have a reasonable idea of what the final minis will look like, and not (from how I'm reading his comment anyways) fairly early in the process concept art.

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I'm trying to understand the expansions and how they fit into the node system. From what I've gathered from the updates and comments so far this is an early guess as to how the nodes may work. We know Frogdog is node 1, Oblivion Mosquito is node 2, and the Screaming God is a node 5. I'm not sure if the Dragon King, Sunstalker and Flower Knight are in node 5 or node 4. Until I see something more about it I stuck them in node 5 with the Screaming God. I'm assuming that node 4 will be for nemesis monsters but I have no idea. Green Knight Armor and Lonely Tree may end up in node 3 as well, but I don't think even Adam knows for certain at this point. I just stuck them in "other". If anybody has more info or sees something completely wrong here please let me know. 


Node 1 - Year 1 Quarry Monster Expansions:

 ^Gorm            (year 1) 

 ^1.5 Frogdog  (year 1)


Node 2 - Mid Level Quarry Monster Expansions:

 ^Spidicules    (Replaces Screaming Antelope)

 ^1.5 Oblivion Mosquito (year 2)


Node 3 - Powerful Quarry Monster Expansions:

 ^Dung Beetle Knight (year 8)

 ^Lion God           (year 13) 

 ^1.5 Nightmare Ram  (Adam said he believes this will be node 3 but isn't certain)


Node 4 - Nemesis Expansions:

 ^Slender Man      (replaces Armored Strangers year 6?)

 ^Lion Knight        (year 6) 

 ^Manhunter         (year 5)


Node 5 - Alternate Campaigns: 

 ^Dragon King (also could be a huntable monster year 8)

  •People of the Stars 

 ^Sunstalker (also could be a huntable monster year 8) 

  •People of the Sun

 ^Flower Knight (also could be a huntable monster year 5)

  •People of the Bloom

 ^1.5 The Screaming God


Other Expansions: 

 ^Green Knight Armor 

 ^Lonely Tree        (year 1)


Edit: Because of a great comment on the kickstarter.

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The Sunstalker, Flower Knight and Dragon King are all hunts in a normal campaign, and in addition provide an alternate settlement timeline.


Sunstalker and Dragon King are both LY 8 hunts, just like the Dung Beetle Knight.  I think the Flower Knight is year 6, but I'm not as sure about that one.



Node 1- LY1 hunts:  Frogdog, Gorm, White Lion

Node 2- LY2 hunts- Oblivion Mosquito, Screaming Antelope, Spidicules

Node 3?

Node 4?

Node 5- LY20 and possibly an expanded campaign.  Screaming God is our only confirmed Node 5 monster.  The Lion God may also fit in here, though.


3 and 4 are a mystery- but one of them needs to be the high level hunts (Flower Knight, Sunstalker, Dragon King, Dung Beetle Knight, Phoenix).  And we might assume that the other one of for a nemesis encounters (Butcher, Kingsman, Hand of the King, Manhunter, Slenderman, Lion Knight).


The Lonely Tree defies the node system, but it is technically a nemesis encounter.


The Green Knight armor won't have a lantern year on it.  It is more like the promo cards from the Gambler's chest- it contains new items for your survivors and recipes to craft them.

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Ok. So the nodes could be...


Node 1 = Year 1 Quarry Monsters:  Gorm, Frogdog 
Node 2 = Year 2 Quarry Monsters: Spidicules, Oblivion Mosquito 
Node 3 = Powerful Quarry Monsters: Dung Beetle Knight, Lion God, Nightmare Ram 
 Alternate: Dragon King, Sunstalker, Flower Knight
Node 4 = Nemesis Expansions: Slender Man, Lion Knight, Manhunter
Node 5 = Campaign Expansions:  Dragon King, Sunstalker, Flower Knight, Screaming God
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from by lanterns light face book group:  

Node speculation list I came up with due to the KS discussions going on. Could assist those looking at expansions.
Node 1 (White Lion, Gorm, Frogdog)
Node 2 (Antelope, Mosquito, Spidey)
Node 3 ( Phoenix, Butcher, Manhunter, Flower Knight, Kingsman, Slenderman, Lion Knight,, Sunstalker, Dung Beetle, Dragon as quarry, Nightmare Ram 

Node 4  The Hand, Lion God, Watcher [Poots appears to be making this more of a later nemesis than an end monster with the new expansions and GSK])
Node 5 (Screaming God, Gold Smoke Knight)

It is basically sorted by year they occur - and there was some speculation that Nemesis monsters may be handled apart from the node system. 
This makes the most sense to me, as the core set originally came with one opponent for each node, and node 5 was added for stuff stronger than the original boss.

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I'm a little disappointed that the Gorm expansion is $15 more in the kickstarter than he was during the sale last week. I'm sure he's worth it but it's strange that he's that much more. Maybe poots is planning to add a little more to the kickstarter version later. I't would be sweet to get a Gorm narrative sculpt or two seeing as he's the source of a lot of early and mid-game gear. 

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