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Kingdom Death: Monster 2

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Sorry, didn't want to veer into politics, but the guy who was just elected is an isolationist who wants to heavily tariff Chinese goods. Almost all the KD:M stuff is made in China.


May or may not happen, but it will take a while to shake out, which makes me cautious about putting much money into unproduced Chinese goods this far ahead of production.

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So, would I have to go in on a whole box, or are there different pledge levels? I'm really not interested in the entire game or all the minis, but there were a few that were really beautiful and not creepy.

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We don't really know the structure of the KS yet, but we will in another 2 weeks.  Sorry that I can't give you a better answer, but I would think you could get at least some individual minis.  I'm still excited for the campaign, but share the concerns as well.

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There may or may not be resin versions of the individual minis.. KS1 escalated from 1M to 2M in the final week and no one saw it coming.. I don't know if this one will be as much of a surprise..

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I think Poots has a much better handle on the spectrum of products he's promising this time around. No more resin beta debacles (though that worked out ok in my book...if you weren't a jerk about it).

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Ok,  things might shift at work in such a way that I may be ready for this by the middle of it. ::D: Of course there is a slim possibility that it could cause a shift that would be wildly bad for me, but things look mostly positive for now.

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Any more hints or news? 

This is such a large purchase that I am basically putting my other hobby spending on hold till I get  look at what they are offering. 

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looking at the previous KS has eased my mind, somewhat. 

He offered the game (plasitic minis) for 86 and all resin for 600. 


I am pretty sure I can live with the plastic versions.  After reading reviews and watching game play Iam kinda jazzed about actually playing the game, as well as painting / owning the lovely monsters. 


I may set aside 40-60 for a single expansion in resin or more if they have a KS discounted price. 

- I am partial to the nightmare ram.

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