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Kingdom Death: Monster 2

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PM is now closed & cards are slowly being charged,


Adam has said about 1500 backers pledged  but haven't filled out the PM (that must be annoying as I bet most of them should have been able to although a few will no doubt be stuck without any way to do so for whatever reason,


and there are 685 (presumably unresolved) card errors (..... A much smaller number than I expected on a project this size)

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I have no willpower. I added the gryphon at the last minute. Core, gambler's, Gorm, Amy, Dragon King, and Gryphon. My card hasn't been charged yet, though.

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The Gryphon miniature is one that I can see proudly displaying if I were to get a level up on feathers in the next couple of years. If the PM opens again in the future, there are plenty of other things that will likely catch my eye. Overall, $520 spent on this one wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been...

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I was charged about 6 hours ago. Ended up getting everything I wanted the most, other than the Pathfinder set. I'd add it and a few more things if Poots gives us another opportunity later. I racked my brain about getting more pinups, but decided that I'm more likely to paint up the narratives. Still, couldn't pass up on getting a couple of them. (✿◠‿◠)


Wave 1
1    Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 Core Game
Wave 2
1    Dragon King Expansion
1    Dung Beetle Knight Expansion
1    Flower Knight Expansion
1    Gorm Expansion
1    Lion Knight Expansion
Wave 3
1    Stone Face Inserts
1    Gambler's Chest
1    Pinup Screaming God Armor
1    Pinup Disciple of the Witch

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 cc is charged.   I have regrets I did not spend more.

But I got my top picks, great figures, with a playable game. 


Core game 

Gamblers Chest 

Nightmare Ram 

Screaming God 

First Hero 

Stoneface inserts (last minute add) 



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Charged and done... for now.  About the only thing I decided to risk delaying was the gryphon.  I like the mini but I was iffy on the expansion and I really wanted the silver city (sooooo many uses for land octopi with bone swords, so many player nightmares...).  Oh well if he opens it up again, it will probably get added but right now I'm good

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Or maybe not...  did anyone else get a warning email saying thirty pledge wasn't done after their pledge wasn't complete?  


I double checked, my status shows answered and I have a receipt.  Just wondering if anyone else got one.  I also sent a letter to the support email to see what's up.

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I've seen several people on the facebook group say the same,


although it turned out at least one of those was fiddling with their pledge right at the close, and another turned out to have also signed up for a late pledge too so was on the system twice with the same email (but several others have receipts and weren't doing anything odd so are in the same boat as you)

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CC got charged and my final list for the pm is:


Base game 1.5

gamblers chest

dragon king

lion knight

flower knight

dung beetle knight

green knight



pin ups of death IV

pin up disciple of the witch



Have been doubting about wave 4 stuff and decided not to go for them because I think the PM will open again .. And if it does not open, a black friday sales in 2020 will have them at discounted prices anyway.. I am happy with my pledge as it is..  I now at least have some extra money for our summer vacation ::D:

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Hey did anyone get a pledge manager from backer kit for Kingdom death monster today? It did not have any pledge levels other than a "tip jar of death" and if you click the info button it said "if you like the game please donate as Poots blew our shipping budget."


Its very weird as A) I did not actually back Kingdom death monster 1 or 2. B) I did get a black Friday deal on KD monster 1 which was fully delivered last year or whenever they were delivered. Not sure if its a scam, or a weird joke but the email did lead to my backer kit that I was assigned for KDM1. Anyone else get this?



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