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Well, personally I'd recommend considering every email you get has a reasonable chance of being a scam prior to clicking on any links. In this case it would seem it's not though. Adam is saying it was an error by backerkit.


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you know for all his imagination there are some parts that lack imagination.  in particular, his use of human anatomy is a little rote by this point, a little bit of alien or insect architecture would have spiced up the mosquito immensely in my opinion. or even if he got rid of the hands and flipped over the fingers to use them as the walking limbs.  Personally i think it changes the figure from striking and creepy to annoying and ludicrous


Now I am firmly of the opinion that if I dont like it, I dont buy it, I just think that it would have been nice to see some new blending or new ideas in the new expansions.  Such is life. 

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I thought the mosquito art looked terrible, far to fetishsized, but then i saw the sculpt and was thinking that's not so bad, I could see leaving that out on display, and not being embarrassed by it.  So I went back and looked at the art.  nope its the same. 

more insect, less anatomy would help.

well I don't need Poots to take more of my money.   


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5 minutes ago, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:

Are you all talking about the Oblivion Mosquito?  I've looked at it a couple of times and don't see any human nudity.  Do I need to use my imagination a little more, or am I just naive?


But it's Kingdom Death. There is nudity and a couple of penises in all the miniatures!


In regards of the mosquito. I think that the concept is rather poor, but the sculpting is out of this world. :) Thomas David is doing a great job for sure. I like everything on the upper-half of the miniature. The lower part more looks like a six-years-old kind came up with conceptual-wise.

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It's not particularly vulgar, it's just the use of the hands and fingers would have been better minimized or replaced by a more incectile bod parts.  I think the group restricts itself in the hopes of achieving shock horror over phobia horror.

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Surprise update is surprising.


Was expecting the Gambler to be a typical slightly-bigger-than-a-normal-dude Nemesis Monster sculpt, not a 150mm tall KD-fied Atlas sculpture.


As if the Gamblers Chest wasn't already an absolute steal!


Also really glad I added the Pathfinder set.

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