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Kingdom Death: Monster 2

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Update just posted! Everybody can pay their shipping. Looks like US & South American backers may get their core games a little earlier than other places but it shouldn't be a long wait for anyone. 

( ◕ヮ◕)/\(◕ヮ◕ )  High five!





Add +2 Insanity per week until the game is in your hands! 



EDIT to add: Looks like Canadian backers won't get their games shipped from the main US hubs. No concrete info about when shipping there will start yet.  

In the KS comments Poots said:


...shipping into CAN is an entirely different country. We are fulfilling USA and South American orders from our 3 USA warehouses. If we fulfilled CAN from the USA warehouses we would have had to double or triple the shipping fee.

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2 hours ago, Guindyloo said:

Payment just processed for my shipping! ^_^

Ditto.  Hoping it isn't sitting on my doorstep while I'm at ReaperCon.  I doubt it will, but...

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21 minutes ago, Talae said:

Do we know if this is coming USPS or UPS or what for US backers?


I don't know anything myself, but somebody in the comments mentioned FedEx for their package. I'll ask in the comments.



Edit to add: Nobody has responded yet but one backer down in the comments did say his tracking number was for FedEx SmartPost. That service drops off the package to the USPS for final delivery.


Here's the post:

James Ruggles said:

Only negative is they are being sent FedEx Smart Post. :( My tracking number shows the box is 21.4 lbs / 9.71 kgs! Can’t wait. Hopefully I’ll have mine mid next week! :)


Funny. I just got a SmartPost package in today for some RO filters and aquarium carbon. :lol:

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backer 3125  which was good enough for a black Friday Lantern.

I'm not sure he is shipping them in backer order number.  Poots has never said. 

anyone have a theory in the comments section?   lots of people reporting tracking numbers issued. 



checked backerkit:



Partially Shipped



what does that mean???  no email with tracking info yet, 



ok found someone posting from CA - said his status was changed to partially shipped on Friday, and got tracking info on Monday.   Once he got # he checked FedEx. 

His FedEx website  said: 
10/13/2017 Friday 3:18pm Shipment info sent to FedEx 
10/17/2017 Tuesday Delivery by end of day


so I could estimate I'll have my copy by Friday. !!! 



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Just got the shipping notice, although the package hasn't shipped yet. Looking forward to getting a better idea how much over my head I'm in with these mini's. 


I think I'll just proxy with mini's for now with my Homestar action figures... :P

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