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Kingdom Death: Monster 2


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I stuck with just the First Hero expansion.. but I'm covered from the first round of PM


Wave 3
1 Gambler's Chest
1 Pinup Screaming God Armor
1 Pinup Black Knight Armor
Wave 4
2 Pathfinders of Death - Kingdom Death x Paizo Crossover
1 Abyssal Woods Expansion
1 Black Knight Expansion
1 Campaigns of Death
1 First Hero Expansion
1 Red Witches Expansion
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I already have everything on order, so I can safely avoid the pledge manager now.  Things really are turning out fantastic though...like there was ever any doubt.  And, as usual, Adam is adding more content as things progress.  I fully expect prices to continue to escalate.

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Wasn't too annoyed about the delay this time (Partially because I was already expecting it, and partially because Poots actually kept his promise about putting out a Gencon update this time).


Those are some sweet new monsters we're getting, but if he's adding that much to what were essentially a box of stretch goal minis and a campaign book, how much is he going to stuff into the actual expansions, and how many years is that going to take?

I suppose we'll find out when parts 2 and 3 of this update pop up in the coming months.

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