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Curses.  I love resin for painting.  but, the plastic isn't bad. I've had some fun with it.  speaking of which, I'm going to try to finish a lion kit for this contest.  Should I post it over in contes

So by the time KD2 and Bones 3 have been delivered, I'm going to be able to use fantasy figures to refight the First World War on a one to one scale

oh squee!  Update made my day... mainly because my lion armor kit picture got included!!!!  I has a warm warm happy fuzzy!!!!  Yipppeeeees!

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I grabbed the cards and the new rulebook then ended up being charged almost as much again for post & packing. The rulebook's a hardback so that almost seems reasonable. Americans always undercharge for the actual items and overcharged for post & packing. Companies from other countries tend to handle things differently.

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This business model drives me a little nuts. Creating scarcity for limited edition resins, I get. But creating scarcity for expansions that have been out for years and are in high demand, or for white box hard plastic figures, seems crazy. Yeah, covid hasn’t helped this year, but it has been a problem long before that. I have wanted a Percival since I first discovered KDM, and it appeared for this sale (in unlimited hard plastic) only to watch it sell out within two minutes. Ugh. 


I do appreciate the fact that he gives newcomers a chance to get in on upcoming content every year, although the fact it is still upcoming is a whole different issue. 

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4 hours ago, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:

Does anyone know if I can just wait and have them merge my wave three part one shipping with a later part? 


I don't want to pay the same amount for shipping as for the single item I have in part one.


Thanks for your thoughts.


Got my answer from the Dark Moderator: No.  Needs to ship now. 

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I picked up the card pack, glad I got it before it sold out.

I have not intention of adding anything else to wave 4. 

but I am excited by the promise of the GC shipping soon.  it looks like it is a very similar box size to the original game. 


I haven't played the game in a year or so,  but I have every intention of painting more of the wonderful minis. 

Dragon King 

Dragon Tyrant 

Dung Beetle Knight 

Sunstalker pinup


still are waiting their turns.  

Nightmayer Ram (one of my favs)  jumped the Que this year, when I bought just the figure in one of the sales. 


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4 hours ago, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:


Got my answer from the Dark Moderator: No.  Needs to ship now. 


Which I'd recommend doing even if they said yes. Their inventory system is not something that would withstand people having anything on hold for that long. You'd likely never received any items left on hold.

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On ‎11‎/‎27‎/‎2020 at 5:48 AM, CashWiley said:

I was looking at the pledge helper listed on the campaign page, the current savings of my BF Gambler's Lantern pledge off estimated retail (which always goes up once it hits actual retail, so I expect this number to improve a bit more) is 71%. I knew it was going to be a good deal, after the first KS. I should've estimated about that much, since I think the first KS edition was $100 for the box...


Edited to add: gah, can only buy 1 pack of the 1.6 upgrade cards. I have 2 copies of the game :(

this has been changed to 2 (and may be going to 3) if you go through your backerkit  (no sure about via he store)

Edited by Orlando_the_Technicoloured
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On 11/27/2020 at 10:43 PM, cmorse said:


Which I'd recommend doing even if they said yes. Their inventory system is not something that would withstand people having anything on hold for that long. You'd likely never received any items left on hold.


Agreed.  I certainly don't fault the Pootsian fulfillment model.  It's a logistical marvel. 


It also encouraged me to pick up the 1.6 card pack at cost.  So hey.

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I will upgrade to whatever upgrade is there when we get all of wave 4... if i live that long ::D:


I made it though this year without any KDM purchases and i dont think that will change.  the only thing i have from this wave IS the gambler chest and I really would have preferred he finished that first. 

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Just the card pack. Haven't even separated the parts from their sprues in the core set. That GC is going to have a *lot* of content.


I'm wondering how many people who want these models actually paint them. You can easily spend week, month, or however long to paint one of them...! 

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This one has started moving again, received my pin-ups (sets 3, 4 and 5) today.

They're nice, but you can see how long they've been in development, some are tiny compared to the newer Kingdom Death releases (although the range has never had the most consistent of scales).


Now the long wait for Wave 3.2.

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      While the title may sound like a part of a weird children's book series, it's actually a trio of Kingdom Death Pin-ups!

      The Bug Thief, her right arm goes across her face so I've left it off for now.

      The Swamp Girl. I have to paint her base, paint her and then sandwich the clear bit in between without making a mess.

      The Dogpole Mother, the hard part will be painting the Dogpoles so that they actually look like something!
      Starting with the Bug Thief:-

      Painted her face and boobs (Rosy Flesh > Flesh Wash > Rosy Flesh > Rosy Flesh/Light Flesh), added a touch of Scarlett Red to the final highlight for her lips and painted her eyes (The left one is a bit buggy, but I'm hoping it'll look better once I paint her hair).
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      I'm reasonably happy with how he turned out. He's a little rough in places, where my brush control wasn't quite up to the task, but I don't think I did too bad.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received. 
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