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hank paints a fire demon 77315

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fire demon painted over a week in about twenty minute sessions I could snatch from the horrible horrible real world. oh anyone that has painted one of these in the past year and posted it in the forum I stole some ideas from you. too many to post, but you will prob see some of your work in this one. I have too say when I started this mini I was a little intimidated and afraid I was going to really mess it up, but it turned out really well if I do say so myself. lost some of the detail in the lighting and flames. comments and critiques welcomed.







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    • By LordSmallPeen
      Hey so this is my first post, I’ve only been painting since Christmas and I don’t have many friends who do it. So this seems like the best place to get some advice. I’ve been working on this fire demon for a while now and I finally finished the main body, but just wanted some advice for the base and what I could go for. I had a lot of difficulty with the runes on the sword as I really don’t have the skill yet to do it. If you see anything else that’s rough with it let me know please :) the photos are just a few progress pictures. Thank you!

    • By Inarah
      Chibi figure I picked out of the Box of Goodwill last year. It took me a long time to get the color combinations right. I took the "Painting Chibis" class at Reapercon and it all suddenly came together once I got home. 

    • By LostInSpacebar
      As mentioned in the "How did you come across Reaper Miniatures" topic, I just started painting two months ago.  Don't feel like you have to go easy on critiques though.
      First prime, First paint, First wash
      Goldar (03461), painted grey to be a Goliath.
      First Boil and Chill (To remove lean), First eyes
      Dain Deepaxe (77074)
      First "OMG This is taking too long", First Dry Brush
      Bone Devil (77325)
      First Sculpt (cut off wings and used green stuff)
      Mummy Lich (77147)
      First highlights, first wet blend, first missing piece!
      Fire Demon (77315) Shameless copy of Fire Demon painted by mirrordissilution His right hand should be showing up in the mail any day now.  Reaper customer support is amazing.
      There you have it!  I left out the bulk paintings of skeletons and oxidation beasts (HAH!) that were hastily done for the campaign I'm running.
    • By Rickdraco
      Hey again guys. After the fun I had painting my original fire demon, I just had to do another. It was only after I had finished I realised the irony of what I had painted. It's not GW, but it is still a Golden Demon! :)




    • By Rickdraco
      Hey again. This time what I am showing off is the Reaper Bones Fire Demon I have painted. Looking around most pictures of painted ones of this mini I have found are all in reds and blacks.. I decided I wanted to be different. So instead it is dark blue with green flames.
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