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    • By Maglok
      I painted some more mini's from the dark souls board game. My wife is calling them Murder broccoliaki, because of the little blood on the big one (which is in the original art).
      Actually she is giggling "Yay murder broccoliaki!" Right now.
    • By Maglok
      I've been trying to get my Dark Souls game painted up. These are the last of the normal enemies and PCs. All that is left is all the bosses (bigger, and a lot of em).
      These models are not the best, but I think they will do.


      Concept art

    • By Maglok
      Back from vacation in the UK! I finished up the hollow crossbowmen from the Dark Souls boardgame! Might paint more Dark Souls soon, might not... Don't know yet. All these Bones are beckoning to me!


    • By Maglok
      And the next three miniatures in my Dark Souls boardgame painting spree. These are the most common bad guys, the Hollow Soldiers. They are a bit wobbly because of the leaning, which is the only downside to these minis in my opinion.


    • By Maglok
      My Dark Souls the boardgame painting spree continues. Now with the two large hollows. These are large sized bases (I suspect 40mm). They were, once again, fun to paint.


      This is what the model looks like ingame:
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